Friday, January 17, 2014

The silver lining

Ever had one of those weeks?  You know when everything that could have gone did and a few more things with it?  Once again it is time to remember a lesson learned from Grandmother Bessie.  "When the storm surrounds you, look for the cloud with the silver lining."  Here are some of the silver linings in the cloud.

  • Polly Minor, a Scarlet Letter sampler arrived from Nicola.  A win from a drawing from Nicola's Scarlet Letter year.  And dear sweet wonderful Nicola also included a fat quarter of fabric.  
  • The arrival of back ordered NPI silks needed to begin Isabella Fox
  • The latest issue of Primitive Quilts is on the bookshelves
  • Carriage House released a new design called "Gregory in the Garden"
  • Am meeting a long armed quilter tomorrow and the best part she lives in my neighborhood!
  • A turkey avocado bacon sandwich from Mitchell's Deli.  AppleJack knows how to cheer a girl up
The silver lining in the storm clouds.  Thank you Grandmother Bessie for teaching me to look for the good things.


  1. I guess there is always a silver lining if you are willing to look, sometimes hard.

  2. Grandmother Bessie was a wise woman! Applejack is a wise man, too!:-)

  3. Your cloud runneth over. :) hope the rainbow is on the horizon for you...

  4. A very wise saying from your Grandmother indeed. I love your silver linings. Hope the cloud isn't too big.

  5. A very wise woman indeed! Thank you for the reminder to always look through my clouds and look for the silver!