Saturday, January 25, 2014

Coming together

Don't you love it when things come together, compliment each other and live together in peace and harmony?  

Callie Mae (with AppleJack's help) strategically placed her condo by the window so she could keep a watchful eye for the mailman.  The mailman did not disappoint, he delivered not one but two packages.  One package from Dying to Stitch and a second package from Heartstring Samplery.  Be still my heart, the goodness.  Yes, the first kit from the Colonial Gatherings Club and Harry Tyler's Lion from Heartstring Samplery.  Want to know what Harry Tyler's Lion looks like?  Well, he looks like this.

Beth (Heartstring Samplery) drew her inspiration for this design from The National Museum of the American Coverlet.  Here is what Beth writes about the design.

Coverlets in both geometric and figured patterns were widely popular during the early to mid 1800's.  The coverlets were usually woven of wool and cotton.  The wool was generally hand-spun and colored with natural dyes, while the cotton was usually machine-spun and left undyed.  Coverlets were made by both women and men.  Geometric coverlets were usually produced by women for their own use, while coverlets with figured (realistic) patterns were made by men as a profession.  Some coverlets include trademarks.  One of the most well-known is a lion used in the 1830's by New York weaver Harry Tyler.  This cross-stitch design is my adaptation of his original trademark, along with a tree and partial medallions found on his coverlets.

The red fabric pictured above is the backing fabric I used on my bow tie quilt.  See everything is coming together.   Those wonderful girls at Dying 2 Stitch included enough Needlepoint Ink Silk to stitch both the first Colonial Gatherings project and Harry Tyler, which perfectly matches the color of the coverlet in Grandmother Bessie's room.

  Ahh, it's all coming together.  Colonial Gatherings is the first club I have joined and am ready excited about the projects.  I see lots of goodness in store for Grandmother Bessie's room.


  1. That will look terrific in Grandma Bessie's bedroom. Very nice.

  2. How amazing that it all has fallen in to place like that! I really love the candle pouch!
    Enjoy your stitching!

  3. I could be quite happy spending time in Grandmother Bessie's room! Your work is lovely, and it is easy to see why your package arrival gave you joy!

  4. So perfect! I love Tyler's Lion, always have. I stitched him waaaaay back when. Of course I don't know where he is since he was a pillow. Oh well. I need to stitch Beth's version now. I have the Colonial Gatherings Club too!

  5. I'm thinking that a whale rug would look great in grandma's room with or with out teeth

  6. Those look like fun projects. I love the look of antique coverlets.

  7. What a great mail day!! Both pieces look like they will be right at home in Bessie's room!

  8. You have to love good mail days!! Your room is beautiful!! From the coverlets on the bed to the samplers on the wall!