Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

Brr, it is cold at Thistle Manor!  Temps in the single digits with snow forecast for Sunday, the school system has declared a Cold Day for Monday.

AppleJack, Callie Mae and I decided to do something different this year.  As the Christmas decorations were lovingly packed for 2014, the Valentine decorations came out.

Valentine's Day, hearts abound

Valentine's 2014 is made all the sweeter

Valentine's 2014 is Heart of Country Antiques Show

and Music City Antiques Show

But, the most important event is the. . .

Nashville Needlework Market!!!!!

Samplers are being planned, fibers are being pulled, linens are being cut.

I have started the countdown.


  1. Needlework - something to do when the weather is ridiculously cold! I have snowmen out all over the place! They should fit right into January very well. Stay safe and warm!

  2. Oh my! What a great idea to pull out the Valentines pieces now! Just lovely! I'm getting nervous about market -- I need to be good. lolol!

  3. All of the Valentine things look very cheerful. Helps with the after Christmas blahs! I am so envious!!! When we lived in Louisville we never missed those antique shows. Some of my favorite pieces came form one the the shows. There are no shows to compare with them here in the NW!

  4. Really lovely Valentines decorations.

    Mary Louise in IN

  5. Makes it all warm and cozy! I like to leave the red out from my Christmas up to valentines to keep it cheery during the cold,grey days of winter. Love all your hearts! Stay warm

  6. Clever girl, great way to beat the after the Christmas decorations come down blues! I may have dressed my home in winter colours, but I am getting tons of ideas for Valentines. I have already started with a mini tree that will do both Valentine and Easter....can't wait. Love your Valentine touches! Happy New Year my friend. Diane

  7. Lovely displays of your Valentine pieces.

  8. Such pretty Valentines decorations! I was actually thinking I should put them out and enjoy mine a little longer ~ I think you just gave me that extra push to do so!