Sunday, January 26, 2014

A winter walk

The temps are higher today, the weatherman  says the high will reach near fifty.  Whoo Hoo!  I dressed for a walk, thinking the fresh air and sunshine would be a welcome change.  Layers of clothing has become the norm--cuddleduds (silk underwear) thermal underwear, turtleneck, sweater or sweatshirt and heavy coat, wick socks, cotton socks then wool socks.  I pray I don't fall down else with all these layers of clothing I might need assistance in getting back on my feet.  

As I took my walk, I dream of spring and gardening,  digging in the dirt and the return of my friends.

Will the peonies bloom this year and remind me of the abundance of peony blooms in my Mother's garden?

Will the ballerina rose take her first dance with Jackamii?

Will the hardy Tennessee bearded iris survive these bitter cold days?

Will Miss Oak Leaf Hydrangea shower me with an abundance of blooms and make my heart sing?

Will my faithful, hardy friends, the daylilies return with endless weeks of summer blooms?

My friend Cindy says anyone who names their garden Next Garden is an eternal optimist.  The coldness of the winter days and nights, the layers and layers of clothing is going to make the spring even sweeter.


  1. hope you dont fall down!! Mind you the thought did make me chucle!! sorry x

  2. Oh I can't wait for spring. I'm hating this cold and snow.

  3. I long for Spring. This is the coldest January in history for outr part of Michgan. Janice

  4. So ready for spring!! Thanks for sharing your lovely flower pics!