Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Little Red R Sampler

My framer called to say  The Little Red R Sampler by The Goode Huswife was ready for pick up.  Once again, Kathy, the framer,  worked her magic. 

If you want to see the original Little Red R Sampler hop over to Kathy Barrick (Carriage House) Etsy shop.  And speaking of Kathy and Carriage House--she's back!  She has started to design again!  She has heard her people cry from the land, her followers, her stalkers and she is designing again.  Yes, my heart skipped a beat.  I anxiously await the release of her newest latest design. 

I love the simplicity of The Little Red R.   For AppleJack and me, the Little Red R sampler represents many things:  recovery, rest, repair, retire, etc.  As Maureen Appleton (Hearts Content) suggested, I wrote a letter about the events of 2010 and attached the letter to the back. 


  1. So beautiful! I love the colors -- and I love the frame you chose!

  2. Very nice frame. I didn't know about Carriage House!

  3. I love the sampler, the frame and the letter.