Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lydia and her peacocks

  Finally some progress on My Lydia to share.  The design is from Pineberry Lane (Lydia Broome Sampler).  As I was stitching the peacock feather I had a couple of thoughts:  what a sight to see the peacock who has such a majestic tail feather or is this a peacock on steroids to have grown such a feather?

As I was stitching and obsessing thinking about the peacock and his tail feather, I remembered I had another design in my stash with peacocks.  Yes, the stars are in alignment.  Two peacocks, and and check out the name of the sampler Lydia C Eichelberger  who shall become Lydia Emaline. 



  1. Very nice! Love them peacocks. :D

  2. Looks great! Perhaps a bit too much Rogaine...

  3. That is a pretty long tail !!

    Now that I think of it peacocks appear an awful lot in samplers.