Sunday, April 1, 2018

2214 Medium dark olive green

Emma Lerch 1843
Scarlet Letter
Mystery linen over dyed with walnut crystals
AVAS Fibers

Emma and I have been busy--two weeks ago at the Homespun Gathering, Emma's border was not finished, her house had no upstairs and there was no tree.

There was much more of the border which needed to be completed than I had originally thought.  As I was making photos, I noticed a missed stitch in one of the border flowers.

After completing the border and adding the upstairs to the house, I directed my stitching efforts to the tree.  Oh Emma is such a girl after my own heart.  Like the border, the leaves of the tree may appear to be symmetrical, they are not.  Once again, an extra stitch here a dropped stitch there.  Notice the way Emma has the major branches of the tree stitched but does not connect all the leaves to the tree.

Emma must have liked baskets--there are three in her samplers.  I haven't stitched any of them.  This week my stitching focus will be on Emma's baskets.

While stitching the leaves on Emma's tree, I realized I have a huge color challenge/problem.  I have run out of 2214.  The huge meadow is stitched with 2214.  When I looked through my AVAS fiber box, I thought everything was okay when I found the above skein.  Nope--there is a huge difference between 2214 and 2214 T.  Am off to Nashville Needleworks, hoping they have the matching color of the meadow grass.  I'm going to do like Emma would have done, stitchers before me would have done and Grandmother Bessie definitely would have done:  I'm going to find a way to make it work!  I may have to do some backstitching or I may have to shop at more than one store, I'm going to find a way to make it work.

It is a rainy, cool Easter Sunday here in Nashville--a great time to turn on the Netflix and start work on Emma's flower baskets.  

(Psssss. I always wanted a sampler with a big border--I think Emma has exceeded my expectations.)


  1. Such a beautiful sampler. I would never be able to stitch a border like this. Hope you find the matching thread.

  2. Emma is looking good. Good luck in your search for the green thread.

  3. You have made some great progress, I hope you finds the correct skein of floss.
    Beautiful Sampler


  4. She's so beautiful! Hope you find a matching color for the grass, but you know what? I've seen plenty of samplers where there are different patches of color in the grass. Probably precisely because of running out of a color. I'm sure Emma wouldn't mind such a thing, and it would look fine! Good luck. Love Emma!

  5. She’s looking fantastic. I know what I would do about the grass, but I’m curious to see what you will come up with. With all this rain we’re having Emma is a wonderful companion. Judy

  6. Emma is beautiful, such a complex border to stitch.
    Your's looks amazing. I hope you are able to match that green skein.

  7. Your work is so beautiful, all those perfect little stitches.

    lizzy at gone to the beach

  8. I absolutely love her border. I have a sampler with an interesting border(can't think of the name right now). Emma is inspiring me to dig that chart out of my stash. Good luck with the floss problem.

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  10. Perfect inspiration :) and what attention to detail! I admire and congratulate.