Monday, April 9, 2018

Emma's Second Basket

Here is Emma Lerch's second basket.  Emma loved her some color.  

Emma, my kind of stitching girl--just like the border the baskets may look the same--they are not.  The colors in the two baskets are just a tad different and just like the border, Emma has added and dropped a stitch here and there.  Was she bored, not paying attention, waiting for floss?  

The poor house desperately needs a roof and window treatment.  Desperately trying to finish Emma--full schedule, pollen not playing nice with eye allergies and an out of town meeting with family.  Yikes! The third and final basket may have to wait a few days longer.


  1. The baskets are beautiful It is fun to see how those girls from the past made little mistakes in their work!

  2. I like Emma's baskets. She is very colorful.

  3. This is such a beautiful design, I love the baskets but the border really catches my eye the most, it is beautiful.


  4. Okay, girl, In case you still need it . . . deep breath through a HEPA filter.

    Thinking three days in a row of me not stitching is too many, so I’ll be taking these scratchy contacts out, put some glasses on and make some progress. I’m still pretty sure you’ll beat me to the finish line, but my goal still is to finish not finish first. Judy

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours! I've added you to my reader and blog sidebar.

    Wishing you relief from allergies, I get the same. Terrible nuisance.

  6. She's so pretty! Emma definitely did things her own way. Love how she's coming out!