Sunday, April 22, 2018

Strawberry Time

Strawberry's are in season--one of my favorite seasons and fruits!  Fresh, served in salads, pies, cakes, it is safe to say I am a little obsessed with strawberries.  This year the Blackbird girls, Barb and Alma released a new booklet called Deck the Halls with six strawberry patterns and the Erica Michaels strawberries are just over the top!

In June, I am taking a strawberry finishing class.  In preparation for the class, I stitched up a strawberry--a practice piece.  This is a 2006 Blackbird Design strawberry--it's big, an overachiever strawberry.

During a recent trip to Hobby Lobby, I found this container and thought it was a good container for my stitched strawberries.  (A new Hobby Lobby is opening soon in Providence Place--I can't wait, I have saved the date for the Grand Opening).

While tidying up my stitching space, I discovered these half square triangles.  Thought it was time to give them some attention, finish up a project and make a dent in my fabric stash.

Also found the beginnings of my flag quilt--a Quilt of Valor.  One of my 2018 goals is to finish this quilt--time to get sewing.

AppleJack and his cousins found their family cemetery!  The cemetery has been very neglected and is in need of serious attention.  This chimney was part of their family home.  

While I was stitching strawberries, sewing quilts and clearing cemeteries, Emma Lerch was on spring break--wish she had taken me with her!  


  1. It is always exciting to find an old family cemetery. We explored a few when we lived in KY. The strawberries are delightful. You are so lucky to have a class that will show you how to make them. I have never tried.

  2. Your basket of strawberries look super. Very cool that your husband found the family cemetery; that chimney looks great. Enjoy your week!

  3. LOL! An overachiever strawberry! How nice to have found the family plots. It would be nice to reconstruct that wonderful fireplace somewhere but probably not possible.

  4. Beautiful Strawberries and the perfect container.
    How special for your husband to have an old family cemetery.
    Emma Lerch is looking gorgeous!

  5. That is a great combo of stitched berries and container. I love haunting the aisles of Hobby Lobby for fun display pieces.
    Sweet combo from your found HSTs. Isn't it fun creating new things from leftover bits?
    Oh, what a find on the family cemetery. That is so cool!
    Emma is looking very good. Her Spring break must have been refreshing--too bad you didn't get in on it. :)

  6. The stitched strawberries are lovely. Just as sweet as the ones you get to eat. How awesome to find a family cemetery. You'll have to keep us up to date on what you find out.

  7. Oh my gosh your strawberry's are beautiful, the container you found is perfect.
    I love Blackbird Designs, they always seem to come up with something fresh and fun.
    Looking forward to seeing the quilts finished.


  8. how awesome you found the forgotten family cemetery.
    Would love to hear as things progress. Love your strawberry stitching and the quilt starts are so wonderful. Emma is sure lovely - hope you are finally experiencing some spring weather? Mel

  9. Your basket of strawberries look super. Very cool that your husband found the family cemetery; that chimney looks great. Enjoy your week!


  10. Very cool about your husband's family cemetery! Love all the found WIPs -- hope they get some attention. Good luck with the strawberry finishing!

  11. Pretty projects and great idea,Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing !