Saturday, March 24, 2018

Emma Lerch

Scarlet Letter--Emma Lerch 1843
Mystery Stash Linen--overdyed with walnut crystals
AVAS silk fibers

Apologies for the wrinkles--Emma looks like she has been living a rough life.  One of my 2018 goals is to complete Emma Lerch.  As I look at her, I am close.  One of my observations about stitchers is there are sampler lovers and those who do not love samplers so much.  For those who love samplers, and I consider myself one of those people, we can't get enough.  We are always looking for the next sampler either an original or reproduction.

What is it about samplers?  the border? alphabet? verse? motifs? house? medallions?  It is all of these things and throw in colors and scale and proportion.  Yes, I love a sampler with a flower growing out of a pot taller than the house.

I was drawn to Emma's border--it is big and bold

While Emma's border looks balanced and symmetrical--it is not.

Sweet Emma and I suffer from the same stitching affliction:  borders.  We both struggle with meeting borders.  Emma made it work, she added a stitch here and there, she dropped stitches.  There are three different colors of leaves.  Did she run out of one color or she started stitching with the incorrect color and like me was to lazy to rip out and stitch with the correct color.

This was my progress on Emma at the March 17 Homespun Gathering.  Judy is my stitching accountability partner.  She is stitching Heartstring Samplery His Eye is on the Sparrow--if you haven't seen Judy's beautiful sampler,  hop over to her blog (hollandhousegifts.blogspot) and check it out.  Our next gathering is in May and I think Emma will be finished.  Am adopting Judy's suggestion:  stitch every day.  Some days it is only a few stitches.



  1. Emma is in my to-stitch pile. I absolutely love her. I think for me, the border is a huge attraction to a sampler. And yes, I love samplers! I will root you on to meet your goal finish date!

  2. I love samplers! Though I gave up cross-stitch decades ago, I kept two sampler patterns that I still tease myself I am going to make one day.
    This is very pretty. Isn't it fun how she resolved the border?

  3. I do love Samplers as all designs in stitching, you are so right some people do not like Samplers.
    You have made great progress, it is such a beautiful border, I am looking forward to seeing the finished design.


  4. Emma is looking good. Every stitch you put in on Emma is one stitch closer to getting her finished.

  5. Wrinkled samplers mean you're in progress and working toward a finish, so I'm okay with wrinkles :-). No doubt Emma will be finished at this pace. I'm hoping to have HEIOTS finished too. However, I do have a deep burning question. How come the camera puts 10 pounds on me, but it takes 10" off my sampler? She looked tiny in your last post. Like the Tootsie Lollipop, the world may never know :-). Happy Stitching, my friend. Judy

  6. I love samplers too and don't stitch enough of them. Emma looks great. Nice goal to finish her this year. You can do it!

  7. You made great progress. This is really pretty!