Sunday, March 11, 2018

Market 2018

Stacy Nash Animal Cracker Crumbs series
Mystery Stash linen
Gentle Arts Shaker fibers:  Black Licorice, Carriage Black, Endive and Lambswool

Nashville Needlework Market 2018 has come and gone and what a market it was!  Those designers just keep getting better and better!  To see some of the goodness of market watch Kitten Stitcher on Flosstube or Needle in a Haystack.  There are other Flosstube's about market, I just haven't had time to watch them.  Local Needlework Shops are having market days and their websites are brimming with new things.  

Isn't Oliver just the sweetest little guy?  He has a very lovable face.  Lady Dot Creates with her wonderful ribbons, pom pom trims and rick rack will add more goodness to Oliver.  I have some rayon ribbon to add: Black Licorice and Jack.  I found an old rusty bell in my stash which I will also add.

La D Da
Fraktur Scissor Block and Fob Kit

Lori (La D Da) always adds the nicest touches.  

Both Oliver and the Scissor block were very quick and easy pieces.  

It's a rainy day in Nashville--a great day to stitch.  What next?  Maybe one of the strawberries from the Blackbird Girls, Deck the Halls.


  1. Oh my goodness! Oliver is a cutie. I look forward to seeing him in finished form. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oliver is adorable, I love La. D Da designs.


  3. Oliver is such a cute little guy!

  4. Very nice! Love both pieces. So what do you make with the La D Da piece?? Is there stitching involved?

  5. What lovely things from market. I sure hope you bring them with you this weekend. 😊. Judy