Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Year in Review

Time seems to move at mock speed.  I begin each day with great intentions and look at the clock and realize the day is almost gone.  Time is precious, use it wisely has become my new mantra.  For those of you who participate in stitch mania I applaud  you--I am to cowardly.  For others who have chosen BAP monster projects I salute you.  Looking at my to do list, it seems achievable, until distractions start eating into my time.


M. Quertier 1799
Scarlet Letter

House on Pumpkin Hill
Stacy Nash 

The Keyskeeper
The Primitive Hare

Poinsettia Stocking
Blackbird Designs

April Bunny

Casting a Spell
Blackbird Designs

Berry Days at Thistle Down Farm
With Thy Needle and Thread


Half Square Triangle Challenge
Jo Morton




Zinnia Basket


Prairie Road Designs

Snowman Ornament
Primitive Gatherings

So. . . I can either beat myself up or be thankful for the projects I completed.  Am so very thankful M. Quertier is completed, she was a big project and has been in my stash for years.  M. Quertier along with Faye's beautiful Quaker sampler wall has given me motivation to stitch another Quaker sampler.  

Is very cold here and I have spent much time in my stitching room cleaning, sorting, organizing and prioritizing projects.  Time well spent.  Year in Review can be painful or it can be a motivator.  

2018 Goals. 


Finish Margaret Cottam Mystery Sampler by La D Da, Emma Lerch by Scarlet Letter and Heaven and Nature Sing by Kathy Barrick.  All three of these pieces are more than one half stitched.  I allowed by stitching ADD to kick in and not finish them.  All three of these pieces sing to my heart and deserve to be finished!  

New starts:  Either Quaker Handework by Brenda Gervais or the Companion Quaker sampler to Beatrix Potter.  Have fallen in love with the concept of having an "Ackworth" sampler wall.

After working in my stitch room, I am putting myself on a self imposed budget and diet!  Market is just a few weeks away and I need to carefully and thoughtfully think about my purchases.  Clubs are great, the mailman and I have a special relationship--he makes me smile when he delivers a club piece.  I need to concentrate on finishing the club pieces I have instead of accumulating more inventory!


Jo Morton is releasing Jo's Little Favorites III in March.  Yes, I have preordered a copy.  I have three Jo Morton quilts in progress:  Churn Dash, Court House Steps and Stars.  Sad to say, all three of these projects are more than one half completed.  All three of these quilts make my heart  happy and deserve to be finished!  Jo's Little Favorites III contains the instructions for completing a pineapple quilt--a quilt I have always hoped to make.  

During my organizational efforts, I discovered a large stash of red, white and blue fabric and am going to complete another quilt of valor:  Laundry Basket's flag quilt.


Only one completed wool project in 2017--that is dismal!  Shelby's Fat Cat was a 2016 Christmas present.  I spent time at the July Beat the Heat event purchasing wool and have not pulled one piece of wool!  Liseanne Miller is coming in March for a wool event at Montgomery Bell State Park called March Madness.  There will be incredible rugs and projects to motivate me and Liseanne there to guide me with tips, techniques and color selection.  

Penny Rug--I have pennies cut and sewn and this is a great carry in the project car.  During my lunch hour I can sew pennies.

Maggie Bonanomi is releasing a book in June (?) called Pure and Simple.  Maggie's books are great and can be enjoyed on so many levels.  (Yes, I have preordered)

Punch Needle

Not one completed punch needle project!  Disappointing.  I am determined to improve my skills and complete the two projects which I have started:  Shepherds Shade and Stars and Stripes.  Stop thinking everything has to be perfect and just do it!


There is purchased lumber sitting in our garage for raised beds.  We had intended to build the raised beds during my Christmas break--the weather had other plans.  I am not a wimp.  The thought of being outside when the temps are below freezing and it is so cold I cannot hold a hammer is not a happy thought.  Next Year (my garden) received more care and attention in 2017 than in previous years.  The garden rewards me with beautiful flowers--she deserves my time. 

No judgement please--this is am ambitious list!  The list was made to give me direction.  The next two days will be filled with football, projects, and hot soups on the stove.  



  1. You, my friend, had a wonderful year with such great finishes. Of course my heart will always belong to dear Tinny, your finishes are breath taking. You are a true artisan and each year you finish so many creative projects that cover so many inspire me to get out there and learn something other than cross stitch and quilting.
    I don't blame you on staying indoors when it's frigid...I mean, if the ground desired cultivating during the winter, it wouldn't allow it's surface to be frozen, am I right? giggling as my teeth chatter just thinking about it. ;)
    I love your 2018 list and it actually reminded me that I have an one of the "Ackworth" quakers in the closet, or one of the big quakers...I'll be rummaging later. I can't wait to see everything that finds it's way to finish through your year ahead, and will be cheering you on! I'm especially intrigued by the Penny Rug, as I have never heard of either a "penny" or the rug itself.
    Happy New Year, dear friend!

  2. Oh my goodness you have been busy, I love all your finish's but that garden tin man is my fave what a great addition to your garden.
    You have 2018 all planned I admire you I have not even thought of anything for 2018.

    Happy New Year

  3. I think you had a fabulous year with the varied accomplishments under your belt. Oh my, Tinny makes me smile. I am a list maker and I find they tend to be more of a guide than a must do. Like you said, they provide some direction. Happy New Year!

  4. Beautiful finishes! I like your plans for 2018 too. Happy New Year!

  5. You have accomplished many beautiful projects. I am trying to be very careful about what I choose to stitch. It is so easy to get off track by things you see on blogs or even worse, Facebook. There are only so many hours to stitch and I hope to be more disciplined!!

  6. I think your accomplishments are many and varied. You are talented in so many ways, and it makes a division of time between projects even harder than for those of us that only quilt.
    Your goals are ambitious, but it makes us strive harder when our goals are a little lofty.
    Happy New Year to you!

  7. Lots of finishes and they're all gorgeous! Good luck on your 2018 plans, they look like good ones:)

  8. Fantastic finishes, Betty. It's probably good I don't have your skill set. I'd find it extremely hard to pick the next thing to work on. You seem to have no trouble-lol. I love your 2018 planning. Planning in my stitching world? What planning? I just go to my stash list on Pinterest and see what is calling my name the loudest. I think it's this freedom that enables me to actually complete projects, but I've always been the odd ball. :-) Judy

  9. What a wonderful year of stitching and being creative. I've got my eye on Jo's new book too.

  10. I think you accomplished a lot in 2017 ! beautiful finishes and a nice start to your 2018 wish list. We can always be disappointed about those projects left in the UFO pile at the end of another year. I haven't finished a hooked rug in over 2 years - a sad fact that unless I start hooking more I can't remedy. Enjoyed your prior post too about organizing - lord knows I'm viewed as hoarder by my relatives as my stuff is in quite a mess. I really should devote some time to restoring order to my wool room. Happy New year - Mel

  11. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much and good idea on site.