Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Self Imposed UFO Challenge

Reading blogs is good for me!  Am always and will always be amazed at the creativity of others.  Blogs give me inspiration and encouragement, sometimes a kick in the rear to get in gear and get going.  For example, I was reading Aunt Polly's Porch and she was talking about her quilting guild's UFO Challenge.  Aunt Polly has set a goal to finish fifteen quilts between September and June.  Whoozer that's a goal! 

Kim, at Threadheads Unite has gone Cold Sheep or Conscious Acquiring.  Kim has decided to shop her stash first and use materials she already has on hand.  Wisely she has given herself permission to attend fun events like Fiberfest where she can see and feel yarns and feed her creativity. 

So. . .here is my UFO Challenge/Cold Sheep Challenge.  I currently have four quilts in progress:  Court House Steps, Lady of the Lake, Tumbler and Hexies.  My goal is to complete three of these this year.  (EPP/Hexies is new to me and since I am learning I am giving myself extra time on this project.)  Am sure there will be many tempting items at the AQS in Paducah in April.  My goal is to acquire items which will be used to complete my current UFO's, WIP's, PhD's. 

Like Kim, I will be practicing Conscious Acquisition (Cold Sheep) of stash.  Over the years, I have acquired beautiful linens and fibers and charts, my Mother says I have enough projects to keep me occupied for two life times!  I have also given myself permission to shop the Nashville Needlework Market.  (Yes, I already have some items in my shopping cart.)  Last year, I set a goal for myself to keep current with the Colonial Gatherings club and stitch a project between kits.  That goal worked well, I did keep current with the kits and I did complete projects while waiting for the next kit.  It was needed disciple.  Since it worked for me last year, am keeping this as a current goal.  I have a very lengthy list of projects to complete.

One of Grandmother Bessie's lessons was "idle hands are the devils workshop."  I think I have enough projects to keep my hands busy and hopefully out of trouble.  Wish me luck on UFO Challenge and Cold Sheep goals.

Hmm and then there are those stars.


  1. I love your courthouse steps!! I so need to make one of those quilts. Good luck with your goals. I'm trying to be better about buying too, but I'm not sure I'm doing a good job. lol!

  2. I like your challenge. It's a great plan to shop the stash first. I could certainly do that!

  3. And I'm chuffed it I finish a quilt in two years!

  4. OH wow - love that star - you saved the best for last !!! good luck with the challenge and setting the goals. Our EGA chapter has a challenge every year which can include WIP's - you can nominate up to 10 a year - I did 5 and sure hope to finish something on that list. Last year I didn't finish a single thing on my list. Also good you allow yourself some indulgences - after all - you deserve it right !!!! Mel

  5. You have lots of wonderful projects to keep your hands busy!