Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ice, Ice, Baby

Last week when the weatherman began to make his forecast about doom, gloom and Armageddon the incoming winter storm front, I had visions of a light dusting.  To my friends in Boston and the upper peninsula of Michigan I tip my hat.  Respectfully, they have weathered storm after storm with snow accumulations between seven and twelve feet!  The original forecast was between three and five inches of snow.  This was revised to ten inches.  The reality of February storm front 2015 was sleet, freezing rain and ice!  When the weatherman tells the hockey team they can practice in any parking lot in town I knew there were serious road conditions.  The governor declared a state of emergency, the mayor tells everyone to stay home, three of the four major interstates have been closed and sadly there have been fatalities.  

Fondly I remember snow days--there is the usual:  stay up late, sleep late, movie watching.  There has been extra cooking and baking (AppleJack's favorite part).  Choosing a book from the growing stack sitting on my bedside table and enjoying a good read.  There is also extra laundry from the layers and layers of clothing to keep warm.  The sounds coming from the neighborhood and tires crunching through the ice, neighbors chipping ice off their cars, children laughing as they negotiate their sleds.  

My needle has been busy with the Colonial Gatherings piece and there has been extra time to surf the web and locate those designer sneak peeks for the upcoming needlework market.

Winter 2015 has more in store for the week.  Yes, snow is forecast for this evening.  Ice topped off with snow topped off with freezing temperatures.  Let's hope it's really snow and not more ice.  

From the looks of the icicles hanging off the rosemary--I think she might be a goner.

The sweet little tracks in the snow were made by robins.  Grandmother Bessie used to say robins were a sign of spring.  These robins came to feed on the remaining berries on the Holly bushes.  

Ice Storm 2015: shall I quilt or hook or stitch?  


  1. While your ice pictures are pretty, I would rather have the snow. In my book, ice is much more treacherous than snow. Hope you don't get any more ice. Your WIP looks great!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Oh, yes! I would much rather have had the snow than the inch plus of ice we had with about another inch of snow on top of that! Today we had two more inches of snow on top of that ice! There was some sun that helped a bit. Tonight's wind chill is predicted to be -16! Hopefully I won't need to be out in that! Stay safe, and keep warm!

  3. Hope you are keeping warm. LOL I have to laugh because storm or no storm what is coming to market!! Hope you are doing any of the 3 needlework choices, for me stitching!!! love Annette

  4. 12 feet of snow. We don't even get that on the snowfields here in the middle of winter!

  5. Even the original 10" of snow would have had to have been better than all that ice. Ugh! Stay safe.

  6. Snow is much better than ice. Right now I would prefer some snow cause it would mean the temperature would rise. Our high here in Michigan was only 3 degrees. Tomorrows high at zero. Janice

  7. Such a beautiful stitchery project!
    Snowbound does have it's advantages... ;)

  8. Start off the morning with some stitching (eyes are rested), then move on to some hooking (wool will keep your hands warm), and finish off with some quilting (you'll be covered should you fall asleep early)... lol! Yes, it's best to stay indoors and be warm and safe! :-)

  9. Your stitching looks great! You are just getting started with this winter weather. We are just stuck on repeat with our weather. Same weather pattern week after week after week.

  10. WOW - that is really a lot of winter weather to swallow even for Tenn. It is beautiful here in NE FL - currently 44 which I love however by Sunday they say back up the 78 boooooo! you can never go wrong with a bit of hooking on cold days. whatever choice you make - it will be a fun one ! enjoy your weekend - stay warm Mel

  11. I am sad to see the icicles on your plant.
    Poor robins with the snow, brrrr.
    I live in Minnesota and we have been lucky as far as snow goes, we have had slippery roads just from the small dustings here.
    I love your Colonial Gatherings stitch, very nice.