Monday, January 19, 2015

Maggie and Bessie

La D Da
2012 Special Market Kit
Hog Wild Blue Linen by R & R
Needlepoint Silks
Maggie and (Grandmother) Bessie were sisters.  Their parents were James Lawson and Laura Jane and they had five daughters:  Maggie, Kittie, Bonnie, Bessie and Allie.  Circumstances of life brought Maggie and Bessie closer. 

Sister Kittie married Mr. Tudor in 1912  Mr. Tudor was significantly older than Kittie and he had tuberculosis.  Mr. Tudor died March 2, 1913 at age 73, Kittie died shortly thereafter on March 23, 1914 at age 21 and sadly Laura Jane would also pass on March 6, 1915 at age 43.  Sister Bonnie would pass on October 7, 1920 at age 19 from complications from child birth. 

Maggie and Bessie like most sisters had long visits with each other.  They talked about their families--children and grandchildren, exchanged recipes, discussed the productivity of their vegetable gardens and anticipated yield of corn, green beans and okra.  They discussed the successes, failures and challenges of their flower gardens.  Both were knitters and I'm sure they had show and tell with each other. 
Sister Allie was born in 1910 and was a five year old child when her Mother died.  Sister Maggie being the oldest sister had married and had a home of her own when her Mother passed.  Maggie brought Allie to her home and Maggie was both Mother and Sister to Allie.
La D Da released another sewing kit at the 2014 St. Charles needlework market called Garden Maiden.  Seems only fitting I should stitch this kit and dedicate it to either Grandmother Laura Jane or one of the other sisters.  No pressure Lori (La D Da) it would be awfully nice if you designed additional sewing kits for the rest of the Shults sisters.


  1. I love how you're using your family history in your samplers. Your work is beautiful.

  2. Beautifully stitched samplers!
    I love the stories you share as well!

  3. They are both so beautiful--I especially like those birds in Maggie's :)

  4. Both are wonderful! Lovely stories too.

  5. Ooohhh......I love these!! Such sweet designs and great colors!