Monday, January 26, 2015

Cat Tricks

Miss Callie Mae Calico is a smart girl! 

Her latest favorite napping spot is my stitch chair.  While I am flattered she thinks the stitching chair is a great place to cut some zzzzzz's, it is challenging for both of us to sit in the same chair.

She carefully positions herself in the nearby cat condo and when she sees me leave the stitch chair, she makes a mad dash for the chair and carefully positions herself for a long winters nap.

And yes, if I suggest she share or heaven forbid move, she immediately gives me the look.

So, I move to a straight chair and use the less desirable light.  Oh the life of a house cat.


  1. Oh dear! Well at least you have confirmation that it is a very comfortable chair. If only MIss Callie Mae could do a little stitching. It's a tough gig but she's the pussy cat for the job!

  2. They have us trained pretty well don't they!!

  3. Well its good you know who rules the house! Just make sure that you don't leave any tempting silk floss in your chair since Miss Callie May has a taste for it!

  4. lolol! Sounds soooo familiar! DH and Mia used to do the same thing over his chair. For some reason she stopped, but for a while there, she was winning the argument every time!

  5. She might be just a bit spoiled. But how could you not spoil such a sweet kitty.

  6. Your cat's fur is beautiful! Such a lovely mix of stripes and spots!! Love it! I also have a calico, but she has more white in her fur. I love calico kitties! (and really all cats!)