Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Winter's Day

Snow is an anomaly in Music City.

It snowed during the night and we awoke to a beautiful winter's day.  Aren't the colors beautiful?  The bright green of the holly leaves, the red berries and the stark white of the snow?

It was a light snow, perhaps an inch of accumulation and gone when the sun appeared.

It was beautiful to look out the windows.  On cold winter days, I bake and quilt and hook and stitch.

Look at the smiles on the faces of these guys--they were feeling pretty good about the day.


  1. That's the best kind of snow - the kind that disappears and you don't have to shovel. lol! We got more than you. I'm still sore. lol!

  2. Nature is so pretty! The snowmen very cute!

  3. Beautiful pictures. A good day to stay inside, enjoy the view and put a few stitches into your projects.

  4. The snow missed us completely here. Love your pictures!