Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Red, White and Blue

Look who's back from the long armed quilter and just in time for the mid term elections and to celebrate Veterans Day.

Susan, the long armed quilter did a beautiful job.  Isn't this feather fabulous?

Check out the quilting of these stars--each one perfectly framed with the quilting.

Miss Callie Mae is  giving the quilt a test drive to make sure it meets her strict standards.

Tumbler flag quilt.  Susan's quilting is just beautiful, her flawless quilting makes the stripes of the quilt look like they are waving in a breeze.  Knowing I would be using this quilt as a wall hanging, Susan added extra batting to stabilize the quilt  This was such a fun quilt to make, I might just make another.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! What wonderful quilting to add to the very pretty quilt.

  2. congratulations on a simply beautiful finish Betty ! gorgeous piecing and quilting as well. You are lucky to have such a considerate finisher for your lovely projects. I didn't get to comment on your last post - your stash enhancement was neat. Did you get to meet Cathy Habermann on her tour where she stopped at two Tenn. shops on her way to PALS in SC?
    I missed her at Dixie Darlin by just a few days - we had already come home - DRAT - enjoy Melody

  3. What a beauty, Betty!! You and Susan make a perfect team :)

  4. Wow! Both are absolutely gorgeous! I love the quilting, and the colors -- everything! Hooray for having your quilts back!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! What gorgeous quilting! Something to cherish forever!

  6. Beautiful.
    Love Miss Callie Mae.


  7. Gorgeous quilts!!! Just beautiful!
    And I love your precious kitty!