Sunday, October 5, 2014

Liberty Hill Mantel

This weekend Mother Nature delivered fall.  Night time temps in the forties and daytime temps in the sixties.  A cool breeze which made a light sweater feel good and snuggling under a quilt all the more special.  While weeding and beginning garden clean up yesterday, I let my mind wonder.  I started thinking about decorating the mantel.  I was also thinking about the arrival of the latest Liberty Hill Harvest Home Pynbox.  Eureka!  Decorate the mantel with Liberty Hill--why didn't I think of this sooner?

Out came Salem House

and Tombstone Cupboard

Halloween Jack's Stitchers Wall Box

Added some Carriage House and Goode Huswife for fall color

A stitching bird sitting atop a Liberty Hill box

and have left a space for the Harvest Pynbox and wool pumpkin.  

Maybe I should weed more it seems to be good for creative juices. My aching muscles say no, am off to enjoy some delicious apple cider AppleJack brought home from the Farmers Market and enjoy the fall Liberty Hill mantel.


  1. Love your collection!!! What a great fall mantel!

  2. I just love your Liberty Hill mantel! It Has the perfect look for Autumn!

  3. A lovely collection and alovely display on your mantelpiece.