Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fall at Thistle Manor

Slowly but surely fall is making her way South.

The knockout roses will bloom until we have a killing frost--some years they have still been blooming as late as Thanksgiving.  This might be one of those years--the weatherman has temps forecast for the eighties next week.

The dogwoods are one of the first trees to start showing color.  The tree is loaded with berries and the birds love feeding on the berries during the cold winter months.

The parsley was planted near the kitchen backdoor in a protected area.  Fingers crossed, without a killing frost, I might have fresh parsley to use for Thanksgiving.

Ahh, Miss Oak Leaf Hydrangea you steal my heart with your big beautiful cinnamon leaves and bronze flower heads.

Replacement Rosemary is looking good.  Hopefully she might also adore some dishes at Thanksgiving.  Now might be a good time to prepare the herbs for winter.

A beautiful time of the year.


  1. It is a beautiful time of year and your photos are lovely!

  2. Ah, so lovely! I'd love to have a warm autumn -- and winter. lol!