Saturday, November 2, 2013

(Almost) Adam and Eve

Remember her?  She's one of my PhD's (projects half done).   

The last time I shared this project, it looked something like this.

It's not quiet a finish (but getting there).  There is the outline border, the words and the personalization.  Am I the only stitcher who adds the border last?  

AppleJack commented that Adam had strategically chosen and is  wisely wearing his leaf.

One of my favorite parts about this sampler:  the way Adam and Eve are holding the apple.  Each taking ownership of his/her decision to taste the fruit.  Oh, my other favorite parts:  it's Adam and Eve and it's almost finished!


  1. Great stitching. I agree, it's about time good old Adam took his share of the blame!

  2. Looks great! Not that much more to do!

  3. Great progress. These two are wonderful.