Friday, October 25, 2013

It's that time of year again. . . .

From the earth we come
To the earth we return
In between, we garden

There is frost on the pumpkins in the morning, there is an extra quilt on the bed for warmth at night.  Delicious, tasty soups are simmering on the stove, pumpkin muffins are baking in the oven.  It is the time for soft flannel pj's at night and colorful wool sweaters during the day.  The gardening season is coming to a close and it is time for garden clean up and making gardening plans for Next Year 2014.

One of my early Saturday morning guilty pleasures is listening to Richard Bates on the radio.  Bates Nursery is a Music City staple and Richard and his family have owned and operated the nursery and garden center for many years.  Richard gives seasonal gardening advice and listeners can call in with their gardening questions.  There are also some great give aways.  A second guilty pleasure is watching P. Allen Smith's gardening show.  Again, great gardening tips and how-to's.  I justify these guilty pleasures by catching up on the ironing. 

Next Year's Gardening Clean Up List Fall 2013

  •   Plant Bulbs--I love the smell of hyacinths and am going to plant bulbs by the front door hoping the sweet smell will find its way inside.  No matter the number of daffodils planted, it is never enough.  Nothing says spring like blooming daffodils
  • Shop for discounts--Now is the time of year for great buys, discounts and buy one get one free at the garden centers. Oak leaf hydrangea, lavender and ferns are on my shopping list
  • Trim perennials--With a gentle hair cut, my dear sweet friends, the perennials will return with an even more delightful visit
  • Fertilize the lawn--Beware dandelions, I'm on to you
  • Mulch--Weed control and warmth for those sub temperatures
  • Remove annuals and weeds
  • Compost bin--Pinterest is full of ideas, shipping pallets make great, attractive compost bins.  Reuse, recycle, re purpose
  • Rake leaves--Great upper body exercise.  Yes, leave removal at Thistle Manor is done the old fashioned way with a rake
  • Repair lawn mower--Oh, AppleJack
  • Re read garden books--Martha Stewart's Gardening is one of my favorites
  • Add a bird house and gardening bench--AppleJack if you are reading, here is a suggestion for your Christmas shopping list
  • Remove those infernal wild strawberries from the Dianthus bed

Grandmother Bessie believed white liniment was a cure all for all aches and pains.  If, I accomplish all the items on Next Year's Fall 2013 clean up list, I will be needing some of that white liniment for my aches and pains.  Cooler temps, fresh air, the anticipation of the 2014 garden--Life is Good!


  1. I love your list. It is that time of year where I live too! I have been weeding a lot this week. I think the weeds love cooler weather.

  2. Loved this post! Had to laugh about the liniment, as my hubby tore out some shrubs the other day and has had a stiff back since ~ guess I need to find some liniment for him!

  3. Wow, you gardeners are so ambitious. lolol!

  4. I am on my way out to the garden to clean up as I write this!

  5. Love this time of year also. Your post makes me feel good, thank you for reminding me to focus on the good, we sure do need more of that these days!

  6. Thank you for those gardening tips for fall. The main focus here is on the vegetable garden, and we have greens and onions growing there now! Last season, the greens produced until Christmas!

  7. It is so cold and windy here - not happy!! But enjoyed your post.

  8. You are very ambitious - excellent idea to make a list - things are more likely to get done that way!