Sunday, November 17, 2013

The conclusion of Three Bags Full

Yesterday was the conclusion of the Three Bags Full rug hooking retreat.  It was wonderful!  Isn't this Santa beautiful?

Here is Lisanne teaching/demonstrating "how to hook an eye."  Did you know eyes are oval not round and eyes have glint?

The colors! The whimsy! The fun!

Corn for fall 2014

Tone on tone 


You never know who is going to drop in at a retreat.

And then there was this guy!  Be Bob, the Bobcat, isn't he beautiful?

Remember the retreat was held at Montgomery Bell State Park.  One of the many things the Wildlife Agency does is teach.  

Be Bob is a rescue Bobcat and a member of the Tennessee Wildlife Agency, he is  part of the teaching team.

Be Bob is still a kitten, he weighs about 25 lbs and will be about 50 lbs when fully grown.

His coat and bobbed tail and playful, youthful personality made him an instant hit with the hookers.

Three bags full was everything and more I hoped it would be!  Learning, sharing, laughter, inspiration, new friends and parting words of "see you at the next event."  Today it's back to reality--raking leaves. Mother Nature and the local weatherman have forecast storms.  Maybe Mother Nature will blow the leaves into the neighbors yard and I will be forced to stay inside and hook.  (he he)


  1. I'm so glad it was a wonderful retreat. Love seeing all the eye candy for sure. Also the beautiful bobcat kitten!

  2. What a wonderful event. The rugs are so beautiful. That is one big cat!

  3. Be Bob is just beautiful! Santa's eyebrows and whiskers are so neat!

  4. Retreats are always fun, the sharing and friendships make it all worthwhile.

  5. Wonderful rugs! What fun surprise visitors!

  6. Love the rugs!! And looks like some fun visitors!

  7. I'm glad you had an awesome time at the retreat. Rug hooking retreats and workshops are so inspiring. So much creative-ness going on. I hope to visit Lisanne's shop one day. Hope the leaves all blow away - our's are just very wet now. Enjoy your week Melody

  8. Wow, how cool to see a Bobcat close up and personal. And, rug camps/retreats can be very addictive. I love them too.