Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wrapped In Love

Log Cabin

Last night was the rehearsal dinner for Pearce and Chloe.  Yes, the wedding is this evening.  In the words of Chloe it seems surreal.

Grandmother's Flower Garden

Chloe and Pearce asked members of their families to share their quilts.  Stitched with love, used for years and  generations.

Trip Around the World

A most fitting pattern for Pearce--he was commissioned last week and will most likely be making several trips around the world with his chosen career.

Monkey Wrench

Beautiful, playful colors--having a sense of humor will serve them well in a marriage.

A generational wedding ring quilt

Congratulations Pearce and Chloe, may these quilts wrap you in love.


  1. Beautiful quilts. Congratulations to the happy couple!!

  2. Best wishes for their new life together.

  3. What a wonderful way to mark the occasion sharing family quilts. My sincere best wishes to the happy couple.

  4. Best wishes for a long, happy, and health life together to Pearce and Chloe!

  5. Hello Samplings, I just saw you commenting on the Farmgirl Fare, you had a quilt block as part of your ID. Thought I would check you out! Lovely blog. I, too, have loads of projects....quilting, stitching, embroidery, some hooking and lots of knitting. I, too, am trying to resist!
    Have a great summer. I will be visiting your blog again.
    Thanks, Lee