Wednesday, May 22, 2013

About those HST's

It all started with this pile of left over HST's (half square triangles) from a Jo Morton LWC (Little Women Club) quilt called Pottery Shards.  Seemed silly at the time to have HST's available and not use them.

Jo Morton

Then, I found this HST quilt on Pinterest and fell in love with the borders and thought it would be a good way to use up my left overs.

I can hear Grandmother Bessie's words resonating in my ears:  "now that you are up to your hiney in alligators, do you remember your goal was to drain the swamp?"  "remember your goal was to utilize the HST's."

So, three hundred and twenty four one inch and three quarter HST's later for the body of the quilt, progress was being made.  For the record, I did not have that number of left over HST from making the Pottery
Shard quilt.

Ahh, then I reached my favorite part of the quilt:  the first border also made of HST.  It would have been in my best interest to have paid better attention in quilt and math class. 

And since I had made and used so many HST's for the quilt, why not add a few more for the corner blocks of the quilt?  Yes, thirty six more HST's.  Since I was at the snack table when the quilt teacher was teaching the segment about adding corner blocks, I had to find instructions on adding corner blocks. 

Weeks later, I present my HST quilt.  Yes!  Another finish, more stash utilization.  36" x 36."  When I asked AppleJack about my latest accomplishment, he smiled and said, "it's beautiful, such a lot of work, wonder how long it would have taken you to make a full size quilt."


  1. How delightful! Isn't it amazing what wonderful quilts can be made with such simple blocks? Scrap quilts are my favorite so I really like this! Good job!

  2. Awesome, well worth all the work...will you make me one : )

  3. Such a beautiful Scrap quilt!
    Congratulations, what a treasure!

  4. Oh, that is right up my alley. Beautiful!

  5. What beautiful work! Quilting is something I've never tried, and I admire the work of those who do quilt.

  6. Delightful quilt, pat yourself on the back ....wonderful collection and use of your scrap fabrics!

    I'm new to your nice blog and will visit you again, soon!