Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Summer Reading Program

I have started putting together my summer reading program.  I'm starting with Stacy Nash's My Name is Lidya. 

When I am needing to feed and fuel my inner quilter, I will be reading Primitive Quilts magazine for inspiration. 

Profile Picture of A Primitive Place & Country Journal Magazine

A Primitive Place magazine is my go to source when Thistle Manor needs sprucing up.

Ahh, I'm liking these summer reads.


  1. Nice choices!! I think I see a pattern here. :D

  2. Can't wait for the new Primitive Place. But then.....too many ideas to confuse me!

  3. Oh how I wished my kitchen looked like the cover of Primitive Place! You do know that by doing all this reading you will only have more ideas of thing/projects that you just have to do, which will will only lead to more stash, but if you need help shopping for it I'm always ready to help!

  4. They all look fabulous and I do have the Primitive Quilts, so many wonderful projects!
    Have a nice day:)

  5. I love what's on your slate for summer reading, Betty!! I don't have that issue of Primitive Quilts yet! Looks like a fun one!

  6. Well hello there, nice to meet you! Slips, oh my, hard to find. I've resorted to looking online, Vanity Fair makes nice ones.
    Summer reading? I began my break last summer with To Kill A Mockingbird, can you believe I'd never read it?! Loved it, so that's where I'll start this year.
    I usually reread The Secret Life Of Bees, I find it comforting. I've had Gone Girl on my mind, and that one about the young woman that heads into the wilderness to find herself, can't remember the name?
    I'm feeling like Tausha Tudor, down to basics, she had a beautiful like :)
    Sewing, I have a list as long as my arm of projects I want to do!

  7. Great choices! Sure to inspire some great projects.