Sunday, October 14, 2012

Southern Festival of Books

This weekend on what Nashvillians call Legislative Plaza is the Festival of Books.  If you enjoy reading, it is a great event.  There are a few hundred authors present talking about their books and answering questions.

I went to listen to Gillian Flynn talk about Gone Girl.  Have you read this book?  WOW!  Gillian is currently writing the screen play for Gone Girl.  Reese Weatherspoon will be producing the movie.  Although Reese looks like the character Amy, it has not been announced who will be cast in this role. 

Copyright Jan Duke

This is Legislative Plaza site of the Festival.  The War Memorial Bldg is the building with the tall columns on the right side of the photo.  Many of the panels, book discussions, lectures, and book signings are held at the War Memorial Building.

This is the inside of the Nashville Public Library, another site for many of the festival events.  It is a beautiful building and won a national design competition. 

This is the outside of public library.

Now, I am faced with a dilemma read or stitch? 


  1. I miss so much about living in Nashville! I have that book on my need to read list ~ hopefully soon! I say stitch all day and read all night....

  2. That is an amazing coincidence I am listening to Gone Girl at the moment on Shiobhan's recommendation.

  3. Oh how wonderful! Sounds like a wonderful event! So I have a question about Gone Girl. Is it stressful to read? Scary? I just don't know if I could take it. lol!