Saturday, July 14, 2018


Little House Needleworks (Diane Williams)
Two Red Houses Copyright 2003
Mystery Stash Linen (Overdyed with walnut stain?)
DMC Fibers
(My framer is going to hate me for the margins)

AppleJack and I took a road trip last week and there was catching up and shopping but not much stitching.  Was it a hot Fourth of July?  I can't say driving west in 95 degree heat is my cup of tea.  It rained on Friday and the rain brought much needed relief from the temperature and humidity.  Progress is being made on Two Red Houses--three fences, two saltbox houses, one tree and almost one-half of the alphabet.  Do I see a finish in the near future?

One of the first things I do when traveling is look for needlework/quilt/wool shops.  Yes a 50 mile radius is considered "within the area."  There are TWO wonderful needlework shops within the 50 mile radius parameter.  The shops are The Stitcher's Garden in Conway, Arkansas and Shepherd's Needle in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Both shops are filled with so much goodness and both are E*X*P*A*N*D*I*NG.  Isn't that the best news?  In this age when LNS/brick and mortar shops are closing exponentially, it was a shot of encouragement to see TWO needlework shops growing and doubling their retail space.  The Shepherd's Needle was preparing for a two day workshop with Shawn Williams from Threads that Bind.  Shawn was teaching a workshop on July 25th and July 26th and a second workshop on July 27th and 28th.  Darn, due to poor planning on my part, I missed her workshop two years in a row.  If you are in the Little Rock/Conway Arkansas area, plan a visit to these wonderful shops--linens, walls of fibers, models, the latest releases, and all the things--you will be so happy you took the time.

So what did I purchase?

Plum Street Sampler (Paulette Stewart)
Sheep Heap
36 count PTP (Picture This Plus) Oaken

Sarah Jane Grant 1845 Deconstructed
Summer House Stitch Works (Beth Ann Seal)
36 count vintage pear Lakeside
This was released at the Nashville Needlework Market in Nashville.  This linen is awesome, I see more of it in my future.

Mary Barres Sampler 328 x 355
Stacy Nash
36 count Weeks Dye Works Parchment
Mary Barres is a big girl--another beautiful linen.
See that label on the linen?  The shop owner has written the count, manufacturer and name of the linen. She also included the name of the design, thread count and size of the piece of linen.  This is such a nice touch.  

A Sampler Study 1802 Sampler Reproduction
The Primitive Hare (Isabella Abbiati)
40 Count Olde Massachusetts linen

40 count is not one of my favorites.  However, it is a lighter piece of linen, I am hoping it will be easier to see.  When framing this piece, The Primitive Hare had used a piece of lace at the top of the house--I thought this was a cool idea and I happened to have a piece of lace in my stash.

TWO expanding needlework shops made for a great (hot) road trip. Neither one of these shops know me from Adams house cat, if you are in the area--treat yourself, you will be so happy you did.


  1. Even though it was hot, it sounds like you had a great road trip with stops at 2 shops. I like the information given/written on that fabric. My suggestion to rewrite that information if it is on a sticky label or move the label to the margin. Enjoy your new stash!

  2. Your project is looking good. Have you decided for or against the checkered pattern?
    You picked out some lovely cloth and patterns. Sheep in a Heap made me chuckle. It is cute.

  3. It is good news to hear the shops are expanding. Love your choices of fabric and charts.

  4. So nice you had a road trip and some great luck in finding some things you wanted to add to stash. I'm trying not to stash up so much stitching stuff but yarn is altogether another addiction. I imagine something like buying fabric. BTW - I'm getting all set up to try to Summer Circles QAL with the Temecula Quilt Co. who I found on your blog - bad bad girl! cheers Mel

  5. I always love red houses! That is going to be a design well worth framing. I look for shops too when we travel. My DH is a saint and has a world of patience. Shop owners have been so nice to him giving him water and a cool place to sit!

  6. Great news about the expanding needlework shops! We don't hear that kind of news these days.

  7. Two Red Houses is looking great. Love the new stash; parchment and the vintage pear are two favorite linens of mine. You're lucky to have two expanding needlework shops near you!

  8. Ooooh you got some great stuff! LOVE those sheep! And I love your red salt box houses...that is my very favorite kind of house! :) Nice to meet you!

  9. Pretty projects and great idea,Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing !


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