Sunday, August 5, 2018

Finishing Fool

Two Red Houses (copyright 2003)
Little House Needleworks (Diane Williams)
Mystery Stash Linen (30 count overdyed with walnut?)
DMC fibers

Two Red Houses is stitched and at the framers.  I waved a white flag when I entered the framing shop.  I was afraid when the framer saw the one inch margin and how poorly the needlework had been centered on the fabric, she would send me and my red houses home.  

Land of Liberty
With Thy Needle and Thread (Brenda Gervais)
Mystery Linen (I think this is a scrap of Birds of a Feather)
NPI silks

For years Betty Mansfield finished my needlework.  She did an excellent job!  I always told her she made my needlework look good.  I am not a finisher.  I am learning, I watch a lot of tutorials, I make many mistakes, I need to improve,   Land of Liberty was not fully finished in time for July 4th 2018 but will celebrate Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Summer & Winter Book No 90
The Prairie Schooler 
More Mystery Linen
NPI Fibers

Every year I promise myself I am going to add more seasonal smalls.  The year comes and goes and there are no smalls stitched.  This has been the year.  There is a turkey in the Spring & Fall Book No 91 which I hope to stitch and have finished for Thanksgiving (the overlooked holiday).

Spring Stitching Box
La D Da 2017
Tomorrow's Heirloom Kit

My first time sewing chenille.  It's not as difficult as I thought.  Watching tutorials helped.  Lady Dot has some great trims, if you haven't ordered or used her trims give her a try.  Adding crushed walnut shells can be tricky and messy.

Blackbird Designs
Loose Feathers Pattern #20
Necessity box and Strawberry
Mystery Stash Line
Sullivans fiber

I stitched this strawberry in preparation for a strawberry finishing class Linda Stoltz (Erica Michaels) was teaching.  It was a great class--Linda was so very kind and patient to answer questions and share many ideas for topping the berries.  Linda has many great berry designs.  Sheep roving is my favorite stuffing material.  This was my first time stitching with Sullivans--I love the color but the fiber is very flat and that I don't like.

There are more items in my "to be finished pile."
1.  Bindings on three quilts
2.  Assembly on the Stacy Nash Rose Garden Basket
3.  Hem stitching a sampler
4.  Stitching the cartouche on a Stacy Nash piece, which I hope to finish into a journal.  

All American Finn copyright 2014)
Threadwork Primitives (Nan Lewis)
32 ct Dove Gray overdyed with walnut
Gentle Art--Barn Gray
NPI Chinese Red

The summer heat has taken its toil on my stitching mojo.  Am currently stitching All American Finn by Threadwork Primitives (Nan Lewis).  It is a very whimsical piece.  While shopping at Ye Old Mercantile, I found a bread board which I thought I would use to mount the finished piece.


  1. I so love the red houses stitchery. PLease show once it is framed. I have many WIP's in progress for our prim show in September...and am running out of time. Janice

  2. The Red Houses is quite lovely even without your capable framer!! You are very brave for all the finishing you are trying. I am still a coward!

  3. I always enjoy seeing what you're working on. Lovely.

  4. What lovely stitches you shared in this post! I look forward to seeing Two Red Houses when it returns from being framed. Have a good day!

  5. These are wonderful! You've been very busy!

  6. You choose such lovely pieces to stitch. Beautiful work!
    When I did cross-stitch I usually framed my own (I wasn't good at it, but couldn't afford to pay anyone), but there was a time or two that I turned it over to the professionals. Some problems I just didn't want to tackle!

  7. I’m so proud of you for diving into the world of finishing up some of your treasures. Remember, they don’t have to be perfect as long as you are learning. There is also no shame in getting help if you need it. I’m certainly not beyond that, but sometimes it’s hard to discern whether it’s my inner chicken speaking or the voice of reality 🙂. Judy

  8. Your finishing looks great! Especially Land of Liberty and it's mini pom pom trim, very nice. I haven't figured out mini pom pom out and how to attach it to a pinkeep. Red Houses is going to be gorgeous, can't wait to see it:)

  9. Pretty projects and great idea,Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing !


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