Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sampler Sunday: Two Red Houses

Little House Needleworks (Diane Williams)
Two Red Houses Copyright 2003
Mystery Stash Linen (overdyed with walnut stain?)
DMC Fibers

The other day I was searching for something in my stash and I came across this red saltbox house.  I looked at it and it spoke to my stitching heart and I asked myself why I had sat it aside and maybe it was time to give it some love and stitching attention.

It didn't take me long to figure out why I had abandoned this piece.  It is not centered on the fabric and I clearly did not use my corner gauge for measuring.

There is barely one inch of fabric on the left side of the fabric and will be about three-four inches of fabric on the left hand side.  After a consultation with my framer, who is a miracle worker, says it can be salvaged.  Thank goodness I like my needlework framed tight.

The other reason this piece was set aside is because it is stitched with two strands of fiber.  While the coverage is nice with very little shine through, I do not enjoy stitching with two threads.  I am constantly asking myself if my threads are railroad (lying side by side).

I seldom use needle minders, but this little Stitch Dot made by Needle Nannies has been very useful.

One of the changes I am considering is changing the checkerboard underneath the alphabet to a grass stitch using a scotch stitch.  AppleJack had not seen the photo and asked where does the grass go?  Since I am not a big fan of the checkerboard and with AppleJack's question, I see grass in this samplers future.

Two red houses:  simple, primitive, timeless saltbox houses, I'm glad this small sampler is finally getting the love and attention it deserves.


  1. It is so pretty. I am glad your framer can make it work! I think grass will look even better that the checkerboard.

  2. Darling! I just placed a large order for cross stitch charts, and I wish I had read your blog beforehand. I'm glad you have a good framer to help you.

  3. if it was mine it would be done and DONE! I like the checkerboard. I think it is was going to have grass here wouldn't be an alphabet there but that is just me. it's your piece and can be altered or improved any way you see it. Glad you got it out and are now loving it! hope you have a happy 4th

  4. I like your idea of adding grass. I hope you are staying cool.

  5. So glad you picked it up again and finished stitching as it is beautiful. I like both the checkerboard but always up to you. Janice

  6. What a relief that it can be saved. Love the design, but I like the thought of putting in some kind of green for grass, and leave off the checkerboard. I might be tempted to lower the alphabet and do a little green above and below it.

  7. very beautiful and so lovely work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!


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