Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 Year in Review

The year 2016 is winding down and some have purchased party dresses and are ready to ring in the new year.  Being traditionalist, AppleJack and I will ring in 2017 the same way we rang in 2016--snuggled under our warm down conformer cutting zzzzz's.  We are party animals!  I usually watch at least one of those network TV shows which gives  the year in review, you know the ones.  The network gives a rundown of top news stories and of influential people who have passed.  As I watch these shows, my mind tends to wander (especially when they talk about all the negative things) and I find myself taking my own inventory of what I have accomplished and what I would like to accomplish in 2017.  As I put my list together it is always a little scary and sometimes disappointing because I want the list of accomplishments to be a loooooong list of finishes.  Here goes:

Hooking:  American Eagle Chair Mat
Not a stellar year for hooking, I did use my stash wool and am pleased I was able to make something I had seen on a blog come to life.  This will make a nice addition to my patriotic collection.

First the larger quilts:  Just One Star was quilted and the binding sewn on by my 89 year old Mother.  Susan, the long armed quilter did a fabulous job with the quilting.  In addition to being a prize winning quilter, Susan is just a super nice lady.  My Mother enjoys hand sewing the binding, she says it gives her something to do in the evenings and the quilts are more cherished  knowing her hands are a part of the quilts story.  Each time I see this quilt it makes me smile.

North and South (could not locate my photo)  The piecing is finishing and I have an appt with Susan in early 2017 for the quilting.  Due to my own ambition, the making of this quilt became a major project.    Setting this quilt took hours.  Hopefully, after Susan works her magic with the quilting, this quilt and I will be friends.

Jo Morton's:  Am giving myself a huge pat on the back for the making of three Jo Morton quilts, yes three:  Be My Valentine, Sadie's Quilt and Christmas log cabin (could not locate the photo of Be My Valentine).  Jo Morton's are teaching me patience and accuracy and to appreciate my Itty Bitty Rulers.

Primitive Gathering Frivol: Crown of Thorns  Lisa, Primitive Gatherings is a huge proponent of starching her fabric pieces.  Perhaps in 2017 I will try her method to see if it improves the accuracy of my quilting.

Wool Applique:  I treated myself to a wool appliqué class with Rebekah Smith in Mooresville, Alabama.  Rebekah was wonderful, the class was awesome her designs are just to my liking.  I have been watching YouTube and improving my blanket stitch.  (I have learned to make a three stack wool penny with backing).  There are many wool appliqué projects and wool in my stash and I see many wool projects in my future for 2017.  Oh, Rebekah will be releasing her second book in June.  Preordered thru Amazon, check.

Stitching:  Yes, after starting this sampler in 2012, I finally finished, framed and enjoyed for Christmas 2016.  It's Stacy Nash's Christmas at Hollyberry Farm.  I also finished three Stacy Nash club kits offered through Country Sampler;  December 25th pinkeep,The Gift is Small and Love is All and Sampler Sewing Bag.

A strawberry from Erica Michaels.  Quaker Berry is stitched and is off a the finishers.  I also see more Erica Michaels strawberries in my future.

Ahh Annie Magnolia (my photo file is not playing nice and I could locate a photo of Annie) aka Anne Pennsylvania Peacock.  Annie has been in my stash for more years than I am willing to admit.  Am so glad, Annie was stitched, framed, traveled and is living in Arkansas.  The best part AppleJack, his daughter, and grand daughter sat around a bond fire and talked about his life with his Grandmother, the real Annie Magnolia.  

I always want the list to be longer and finishes great.  Oh well, there is always next year, after all the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.  Hope springs eternal!


  1. the finishes ARE GREAT! Oh my, if I even had one of those quilts to list I'd be thrilled and you have so many. I think you had a super productive year and I send my warm wishes and wooley-thoughts to you for a happy and healthy New Year. Mel

  2. Goodness that quilt is lovely, I am not a quilter, the Chair mat is positively beautiful, you have some beautiful projects her, thank-you for sharing with us.
    I have a project or two in my stash closet I will not admit how long I have had, started so many years ago, maybe 2017 is the year to finish them.

    Have a Blessed New Year

  3. I would say this has been a very productive year. All the quilting is so beautiful. Plus the Stacy Nash sampler is a work in and of itself. How wonderful that your DH and his family had time to think about Annie. I'm sure your work inspired the conversation. Best wishes for a great 2017!

  4. I would say your finishes for the year are wonderful. Your year shows diversity. And I'm sure next year will be equally as lovely.

  5. Everything is wonderful! Such eye candy for us to enjoy! A very productive year IMO! Happy 2017! (A friend of mine also swears by starching her fabric pieces for quilting/sewing. Haven't tried it myself though.)

  6. Wow...I am truly and duly impressed! If I were to post my finishes for the year, it would be a dismally short post.... In fact, I am scratching my head to think of any at this point sigh. Many starts, but eeek....now you have me scared and hanging my head in shame LOL. Well, hopefully 2017 will be better....Better start searching for my hook now. ;o) All of yours are beautiful...but, oh my...that quilt with the corn muffin pan and wooden spoons on it (Sadie's quilt??) has to be my favorite. Absolutely love it. Hope the world has been good to you.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Wow!!! Great projects, I had a fabulous time viewing all your accomplishments!! Carolyn