Sunday, January 8, 2017

7 degrees

Grant House 1865 Sampler
Chessie and Me 
30 count Confederate Gray
NPI Silks

7 degrees!  The outside temperature is 7 degrees--winter has found me.  While listening to the national news last evening, the anchor person said there was only one state in the lower 48 states which did not have snow!  Brrr, it is cold.  There are benefits to cold temps: delicious soups, hot chocolate and snuggling with Miss Callie Mae Calico.  Cold temps mean staying inside and stitching, lots and lots of stitching.  Am down to the over one work on the Chessie and Me sampler.

Emma Lerch
The Scarlet Letter
stash linen
Ver A Soie Silks

She doesn't look like much yet, but Emma is big and bold!  I only had one color of the silks (the other colors are on order) and the one color I did have was in her border.  Stitching on Emma is pure pleasure.  With football playoffs, national championships games and cold temps, I will have more time to devote to Emma and her border.

Stacy Nash Club
Country Sampler House on Pumpkin Hill
32 count Belfast Linen Charcoal Gray

Let's not talk about the number of club pieces which are waiting to be stitched, let's not talk about the challenges of stitching on dark fabric, let's talk about the contrast of colors with the dark linen and lighter fibers.  I found some awesome trim and backing fabric in my stash for this piece.

The high today is forecast to be 30 degrees, great weather for staying inside and pulling some more fiber through linen.  


  1. Oh brrr! We're supposed to go down to 9 degrees tonight -- I'm already cold! lol! Love your club piece -- very pretty! And Emma Lerch! I have that one waiting for me to stitch! I love that border, it's so much fun!

  2. Your Grant House is just beautiful! I guess it is good stitching weather everywhere. We just had a bitterly cold week here in the NW.

  3. Hey, we got above zero today for the first time in a few days, so I am happy!
    You do such beautiful counted thread work!

  4. Below zero here in Maine this morning, but then we are used to those temps. I feel badly for those of you in the south who are not used to dealing with "Old Man Winter". Do stay warm and stitch!

  5. All of your stitch work is beautiful.
    I love the dark linen background against those contrasting threads in your Stacy Nash Club piece.
    Happy Stitching!

  6. Now there ya go ! that's cold eh? it was cold enough here in the deep south to make me happy - around 30 at night over the weekend and today back in the 50's - warmer each and every day will put us back in the 70's by mid week. I start rug camp Friday so I'm sure all the snowbirds coming will be thrilled for the 70's. Enjoy your pretty stitches - Is Emma - Emma Miles? have a great week - Mel

  7. Love looking at your needlework and quilts! Thank you for stopping by my blog it has become more of a dead zone so I am surprised when I get a new guest!

  8. I'm so glad it has warmed up. Now, if we can just get the rain to slow down a bit. Oh, how I love dark linen. I'm hoping to be able to stitch on it with this new wonder Rx.