Thursday, December 22, 2016

Country Sampler-Stacy Nash Club Schoolgirl Sampler Spring Sewing Bag

Country Sampler-Stacy Nash Club
Schoolgirl Sampler Spring Sewing Bag
Linen --Weeks Stash
NPI silks

A finish is always exciting.  Let's not talk about the number of club kits I am behind, instead let's talk about the one just finished.  I changed the linen 32 count Raw Belfast Linen to a Weeks linen in my stash.   I also changed one of the colors, it went better with my finishing fabric.

Since this is a sewing bag I am including some felt for needles.  I saved a fabric wrap by Moda--it looks like a measuring tape and will be including across the pocket.

It's off to the finisher and fingers crossed this will be a project to share with the stitch girls when we reunite in March.


  1. A finish is always the best feeling. Love your cross stitch sampler.

  2. It is a very pretty design. It will make a lovely sewing bag.

  3. Beautiful design and colors, and I can't wait to see it finished into a sewing bag.
    A finish is worth celebrating, in my book...congrats!

  4. What a lovely design, and to be turned into a sewing bag, I am excited to see the finished bag.
    It always feels so good to be able to finish and start another project.


  5. A beautiful job! So pretty!
    I love vintage samplers and re-creations of them. Haven't done cross-stitch in decades, but I have clung to two vintage sampler patterns that I intend to make one day!! *LOL*

  6. beautiful finish ! Merry Christmas Mel

  7. What a lovely finish! I'm always behind on club releases too. : )