Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Margarets

La D Da
Margaret Cottam 
Three Part Mystery Sampler
18 Century Brown 32 count by R & R
NPI silks

Margaret will be the next sampler added to my Grandmother Bessie Shults/Shultz wall.  A Grandmother, Sister and Grand daughter were all named Margaret.

Grandmother Bessie's Grandmother

Grandmother Bessie's Sister

Grandmother Bessie's Granddaughter

Ever been at one of those points in your life when you realize you have too many projects in the works?  I've been working on Grandmother's Heritage (Signature quilt)  to get it completed to carry to the long arm quilter.  

Finding backing fabric for the quilt is a challenge.  The front of the quilt is made from Civil War reproduction fabrics.  I found this piece of fabric at the local quilt shop and immediately fell in love. Wyndham Fabrics and the Gettysburg Museum worked together to design this fabric.  Since AppleJack and I have been visiting battlefields and the fabric lists several of the battlefield sites, it was to good to pass up.  Am undecided about using--all the names on the front of the quilt are women--will this piece of fabric overpower the front?  Decisions, decisions.


  1. great start on your new Margaret sampler - it's lovely ! hope you get that quilt top done and off to the long armer in the near future. Mel

  2. You do such lovely work and have great plans to do more!

  3. What a great idea for your Margaret sampler wall. You have made a good start, that was the first sampler I did this year. It is small and goes fast.Good luck with the decision about the quilt.

  4. Margaret is a good name. :D So many Margarets! You must share all your Margaret samplers sometime. I have a few to stitch myself.!

  5. Hi, Lilian from Cornwall in the U K, just came across your blog, can I say what a lovely read it is, so interesting. Best Wishes Lilian