Thursday, April 23, 2015

Iris time in Tennessee

The iris have begun to bloom!  Iris is the state flower of Tennessee, they are very hardy require very little maintenance and the different varieties are beautiful.  The Iris is sometimes called the poor man's orchid.  With the beautiful flower and hardiness factor, the poor man/gardener is the winner.

Am looking forward to a bountiful Iris season.  


  1. Beautiful, Betty! Love the pink to purple!

  2. I love irises. They always remind me of my childhood ... they bloom here around Mother's Day and my sister and I would always fix breakfast in bed for our mom for Mother's Day, complete with a vase of irises.

  3. I loved the spring when we lived in TN!!! I will always remember the festival in Knoxville and the irises!

  4. So beautiful! I didn't know it was the state flower. Very interesting! Poor man's orchid is a very good name too.

  5. I really love iris. Your pictures are so pretty. My favorite one has some nasty leaf fungus, we had to cut a lot of the leaves way down, not sure I will get blooms. Very sad about that.

  6. My iris, like yours, are doing TN proud. Cannot wait for the iris sale by the
    Iris Society at the Ellington Agricultural Center in Nashville in July.
    I always manage to garner some uncommon specimens. Those are
    great pictures.....