Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bessie and the Bumblebees

Grandmother Bessie was an avid gardener.  Her vegetable garden was prolific, weed free, and fed her family, friends and neighbors for many years.  Bessie's flower garden was equally prolific--there were beautiful flowers, interesting varieties and faithfully tended by Grandmother.  Now. . . before I share my story about Grandmother Bessie and the Bumblebees, please understand she knew the importance of bees in the garden and their role.

One gardening year, Bumblebees made their nest in Grandmother's garden.  Grandmother was willing to have a harmonious relationship with the Bumblebees until they felt threatened by her presence.  Hmm, they failed to realize Grandmother was the reason for the beautiful garden.  When the Bumblebees became aggressive and stung her,  the relationship changed and Grandmother declared war!  The bees had their stinger and Grandmothers secret weapon was a pair of scissors.  She kept the scissors tucked in her apron pocket and when the bees went down into the flowers to gather nectar she would sneak up on them and snip, no more bee.

Grandmother kept a daily casualty count:  number of stings she received and the number of kills she made.  She studied the bees, watched their habits and found their nest.  When summer turned to fall and the  morning temps were cool, the bees became less active.  Grandmother began planning her final battle and started gathering her tools:  a gasoline can and a match.  

Let's just say the bumblebees went out in a blaze of glory.

Final note:  Grandmother Bessie had the highest regard and respect for nature.  She fully understand the role and importance of bees in the garden. 



  1. That was a delightful story. When the bees in my garden get nasty, I tell them that they have me to thank for the flowers!!!!

  2. LOL!!! What a charming and funny story!! Grandmother Bessie sounds wonderful, I can just picture her beautiful garden.

  3. Your grandmother sounds like a hoot! That story made me smile.

  4. Delightful story and beautiful flowers

  5. Oh yikes! Poor bees! lolol! Great story! Your grandmother sounds like a delightful individual! Love the flowers. Sigh.

  6. I'm not fond of bees because I'm a little bit scared of them, but I know they are important to the garden! What a fun story you told! I actually LOVE bees in stitching, though! They're really cute there!