Thursday, June 5, 2014

Whale of a Tale

Does anyone remember this?

This is the whale from Liseanne Miller's Three Bags Full class (November 2013 at Montgomery Bell Bell State Park in Dickson, TN).  The class was right before the holidays and when I returned home, the whale got beached.  AppleJack says I can rationalize any project.  Shortly after the holidays, my eye blew.

Then. . .Jan came to my rescue (again).  My coping mechanism for stress is pulling weeds, Jan's coping mechanism is (rug) hooking.  Jan is the primary caregiver for her aging parents and in-laws and (rug)hooking is her outlet!  Lucky me!

Jan needed an outlet and an irritated eye and wool fuzz are not a great combination.  It was a win win for both of us.  Thank you Jan for coming to my rescue and bringing the whale to life.  Isn't the swirling water awesome?

Liseanne is having a one day hooking event in Clarksville in July called Beat the Heat.  I need another project like I need a hole in the head.  My eye is still recovering from surgery #2 and I am still debating about signing up for the class.  It is motivating to see others projects to feel the energy and excitement of a new class project, to share some giggles and laughs and eat some delicious food.  While I decide about attending Beat the Heat, I will be thankful for Jan and enjoy the whale swimming in the ocean blue.


  1. So so beautiful! You have a special friend there for sure. Hope you come to a decision about the class soon.

  2. You need to go to beat the heat there is no class project you can take anything to work on xstitch or hand quilting what ever, but the company and energy is priceless!

  3. What a lovely job on the whale. Let that eye mend. ;) How sweet for the both of you.

  4. Glad you had Jan to the rescue on that beached whale - he sailing now - very pretty ! hope you feel you are able to attend the event in July with Lisanne. Hope to meet her one day. enjoy your weekend - Mel