Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Colonial Gatherings

Look what AppleJack picked up for me at the LNS shop today!  It's The Strawberry House (Academy) kit #2 of the Colonial Gatherings Club.  Betty, the finisher is awesome!

  I always know her finishing is going to be exquisite when the shop owner begins the conversation with "she's just outdone herself."  AppleJack painted the box for me with milk paint and I found some Jo Morton fabric in my fabric stash which I thought would work.

On Friday, the mail man delivered kit #3 Cotton Bird.  This is the second design by Paulette at Plum Street Samplers.  I ripped open that package from Dying to Stitch faster than a child opening presents from Santa at Christmas.  

35 ct. Old Mill Java linen from R & R and Classic Colorworks Floss--yum, yum.  Classic Colorworks Floss is new to me and this is my first time stitching with it.  With colors with names like Avocado, Cherry Cobbler, Persimmon and Old Money it's hard to go wrong.  

I couldn't wait to thread my needle and sink those beautiful colors into the linen.  This is a truly enjoyable piece to stitch.

I have been racking my brain thinking about how I want to finish Cotton Bird.

I'm thinking about finishing it as a purse (like the one above)using some stash fabric on one side and the design on the other side?  What do you think?

I found this fabric in my stash (yep, Jo Morton, she's hard to beat)and think it might work.

No, I haven't forgotten about Harry Tyler's lion.  There is still stitching to be done but he's coming along.

Check out the cool fabric I found at the quilt store for the backing.  

2014 is going to be my year of Colonial Gatherings!  I have so many in-between projects I want to stitch to add to the Colonial Gatherings kits it's hard to go to sleep at night.  Maybe I'll just stitch a little later and pay the price in the morning.


  1. Wow. Beautifully finished. I like the idea of the purse for the next project and I'm sure it will be another treasure.

  2. Love how the piece was finished! Love your plans for the next one too. Nice backing fabric for the lion!

  3. My, your eye is really back! What great stitching and the box is beautifully finished...great job on the painting, AppleJack ~ What is the full name of
    the "LNS" shop and where located in TN? I have some projects begging for
    finishes..... The Lion and matching fabric will be stunning.

  4. very nice finish - is this the "betty" who has her own corner of wonderful prim things at Dixie Darlin? I have some of her treasures in my collection.
    Love the fabric for the Lion and your proposed Jo Morton fabric for the Plum St piece. Lovely choices all around. Enjoy your projects! Mel

  5. Beautiful finish!
    You have a lot of projects going at the same time ~ glad I'm not the only one that does that!
    The lion fabric is a perfect match ~ and I think a purse for the cotton bird is a great idea!
    Happy Stitchin'
    Prim Blessings

  6. Beautiful finish! I love the next design by Paulette. I wonder if there's a way to still sign up for these? The lion is very regal and that fabric is an uncanny match!,

  7. What a wonderful finish! So many great projects. I do love the new design!