Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend Workings

Weekends--they come and go so quickly.  I often feel I have nothing to show for them.

The dayliles are blooming and are glorious.

The winter of 2014 was longer and colder than most winters we have had in a long time and I was afraid the dayliles had been adversely affected.  They are hardy boogers--good thing--most plants at Thistle Manor are on the get tough or die program.

While working in Next Year, I got about a million bug bites and a case of poison ivy on my pinkie stitching finger.  

The beauty of the flowers is worth every itch and scratch.

When I wasn't pulling weeds and scratching mosquito bites, I was working on the French Braid quilt.  The French Braid quilt was going to be my July Fourth three day week end project.  When I realized how little work I had done on the quilt and the amount of work which needed to be done, I knew it was time to get started.

I have an appt with the long arm quilter in August.  Most of the fabrics used in the French Braid quilt are French General and Blackbird both Moda fabrics.    

Am so close to having Harry Tyler's lion stitched, I threaded up my needle with the Williamsburg Blue and started stitching.

Throw in some laundry, writing minutes for a home owners meeting, oil change and Sunday afternoon lunch with AppleJack and that wraps up my weekend.  


  1. Beautiful blooms. Your French braid quilt is so cheery; love the colors. Harry Tyler is going to look so good in your Granny's room. Hope your poison ivy does not spread. :-/

  2. Lovely flowers, and I love your quilt so far! Gorgeous colors! Tyler's Lion is looking wonderful!

  3. The day lillies are so pretty. Ours are just starting to bloom. I love Tyler's lion!

  4. OOO! great colors on your braid quilt.
    Love your cone flowers. Voles ate the roots of all my plants. I was so mad.

  5. Lovely needlework -- and quilting. The flower photos are beautiful!!!