Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thriving on Neglect

Jackmanii Clematis

The events of the past few weeks have kept me from tending the garden, Next Year.  Am thankful Next Year is a hardy garden and survives and thrives on neglect.

Oak Leaf hydrangea--these are blooming all over town and they are glorious.  

I bought these last year at the end of the season on the half price sale table.  Man on man, if I had known they were going to be this spectacular I would have purchased more.

The first of the day lilies--they survived a very long cold winter.

Yarrow--so pretty to dry and use in arrangements

Thyme--such delicate blue flowers.  Hmm, is that a weed I see?

Will we have home grown tomatoes for fourth of July?

Thank you Next Year for thriving on neglect--you bring joy to this neglectful gardeners heart.


  1. Such pretty garden pictures!! You are way ahead of us for this time of year.

  2. beautiful garden ....seems as if neglect is the way to go xx

  3. Beautiful!! Tough love goes a long way....:)

  4. Your flowers are so pretty.