Friday, May 9, 2014

Museum Glass

With Thy Needle and Thread
The Sampler House

Glass?  No Glass? Museum Glass?  Some frame with no glass, some with glass, and then there is museum glass.  This is my first and only piece of needlework framed with museum glass.  WOW! I never realized what a difference it makes.  Not sure it is in my budget to frame with museum glass, but I could sure get spoiled by it.

My framer and I choose the frame color to match the color of the door in the house.


  1. That is the perfect frame for that stitch. It looks beautiful. I have never tried Museum glass.

  2. Beautiful piece ~ you did a wonderful job!
    I've never heard of museum glass.
    Prim Blessings

  3. Awesome frame!! Nice work.

  4. Beautiful framing! I can't afford museum glass for my pieces. I think it's doable for small pieces, but not large ones. It really is amazing though. Enjoy it!

  5. A lovely framed piece. Here in the UK we do have this sort of glass, but I'm not sure it is called museum glass. It is more expensive but now I have had it on my pieces for the past few years I will have nothing else.

  6. Beautiful frame for this charming design. I've thought of museum glass as well but it's quite pricey. I might try one time.!!