Saturday, May 17, 2014

Colonial Gathering--The Strawberry House (Academy)

Colonial Gatherings Club Kit #2
The Strawberry House
Designed by Tanya Brockmeyer
35 ct Mink Linen by R & R
Gentle Arts Fibers

One of the items on my annual letter to AppleJack Santa was a membership to a stitching club.  AppleJack Santa was very generous and gifted me with a membership to the Colonial Gatherings Club.

This is the first time I have participated in a club and I promised Santa and myself I would commit to stitching the projects and not let them become a part of my stash never to see daylight again.  Strawberry House was the second kit and I am two for two.  Whoo Who!!!!It is almost time for the third kit to be shipped and I desperately wanted to be finished with the second kit before the third kit arrives.

While I am waiting the arrival of kit #3, I am going to start stitching Harry Tyler's lion.  I am so enjoying the colonial them, I decided to add some projects of my own.

This coverlet design by The Sampler House was stitched between kit one and kit two.  

Tanya had finished The Strawberry House into a pin keep.  I have seen a couple of finishes and someone from the Prim Sisters society had finished theirs on a box top.  I really liked her finish and I had a box and have decided to finish mine the same way.  The box will be lined with the Jo Morton backing fabric included in the kit.

My color consultant aka AppleJack was very struck with the colors used in The Strawberry House.  He especially liked the Piney Woods color used for the strawberry vine.  When I asked him to critique my work he said:  "the house has a lot of windows."  Yes, the house does have many windows which started my mind and imagination thinking.  I think the big house with lots of windows was a female academy.  Girls in Colonial America would have attended Strawberry House Academy to learn the skills necessary to run a household.

The third kit will be a second design by Paulette Stewart of Plum Street Samplers, am hoping she will give a sneak peek of the kit before it is shipped.  While waiting for the third kit, I will be stitching on Harry Tyler's lion and weed the dianthus where a wild strawberry vine is growing rampid.


  1. I just finished my Strawberry House too!!! lol! I haven't touched the first kit yet though. Have to finish my Strawberry House (finish finish) too. I like the idea of a box finish. Looking forward to seeing it. I love your Colonial theme, especially the coverlet designs. I was going to do that once upon a time too, but I haven't, of course.

  2. Very nice colonial designs. I like your imagination!!

  3. Strawberry House is just lovely. It will look wonderful as a box top finish. You are doing a great job.

  4. I just started my strawberry house & I too took the same oath!! Lol. I did stitch the first candle pouch & have it ready to send to Carolina Stitcher to put together for me. I am anxious to see what's coming next but better stitch faster on my house!!!

  5. Your club pieces look amazing. I really need to get started on these. I love the lion too. I can't wait to see you box finish.
    Have a great week!

  6. Your finishes are lovely. Can't wait to see your box finish.

  7. glad to hear you are recovering well from your surgery. Lovely things you have your needle into these days. Glad you are keeping up with that prim club since you made a vow not to stash. Enjoy the next ! Mel

  8. Lovely finish, looking forward to seeing it as a box.

    Glad to hear you are making a good recovery