Saturday, August 31, 2013

Autumn Joy

I have always marked Labor Day as the end of summer and the beginning of fall.  (Fall 2013 officially begins September 22).  Grandmother Bessie taught me to love, appreciate and respect each of the seasons and I love fall for so many reasons.

Sedum, Autumn Joy

Next Year (the garden) is beginning to make the transition from summer to fall.  The Sedum pictured above will turn pink, then cinnamon and then copper brown for the birds.

Miss Oak Leaf Hydrangea has already made the change into her fall colors.

Miss Purple Coneflower did not want her sister flowers to leave her behind in the fall line up.  Soon the dogwood tree will be wearing her lovely red leaves and the maples will be showing their beautiful yellow, oranges and reds.

With an extra day in the weekend, Thistle Manor has also begun to make the transition from summer to fall.  I call this rug Pumpkin Row.  The inspiration for this rug came from a photo I saw in a magazine.

Pumpkins for the mantel.

Pumpkins under the cloche

Old crow chair pads

Jo Morton bed topper with fall colors.

Thank You,  Grandmother Bessie for instilling in me the joys of autumn!


  1. Wow love the jo morton bed topper all of those hst lovely. If you don't like it I would be happy to take if off your hands.

  2. Oh! I love the Pumpkin Row! Great plans for the coming season are underway!

  3. Great stitching!! I love to see the fall decorating!

  4. Ah, so beautiful! Love your fall decorating and the garden too. Although I'm so not ready for fall yet. Just the cooler temps. lol!

  5. Each season of the year is incredible for the things that make them unique ~ and by the end of one, I am always ready for the next ~ loved seeing your fall goodies and garden pics!

  6. Welcome fall! Your garden and decorations look great.

  7. Everything looks beautiful. I love our samplers. Just gorgeous.

  8. That is supposed to be Your. My Y sticks and I don' t always catch it.

  9. So nice to read about all your autumn joys. The quilt you've just finished looks gorgeous.