Saturday, August 3, 2013

Working on my PhD (s)

To be clear, I am not working on my Doctor of Philosophy, I am working on my Projects Half Done.  Some people call unfinished projects UFO's, PhD's has such a nice sound.  With all the quilting and fabric pulling my sewing room looks like a hurricane touched down.  While doing some damage control aka house cleaning, I kept coming across PhD's.  In no particular order, here are the PhD candidates:

Christmas at Hollyberry Farm (The Christmas sampler gets a few stitches added each day)

Hannah Hope aka Hannah P Sharp
R & R 
(Poor Hannah, she has been a candidate for years.  I stopped working on Hannah when I reached the over one stitching and recharting from Hannah Hope to Hannah Sharp)

Ewe Alone
114th exemplary by Sheepish Designs
(I decided to stitch the sampler in silks instead of DMC's and changed all the colors, back to the coloring box for more colors.)

In The Garden
La D Da
(Poor Adam, he looks like he is suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency)

Adam and Eve
by the Marking Sampler
Remember the Ladies
(The tree reminds me of a telescope)

Bargello Sewing Case
Barbara Jackson
Cross Stitch Sampler Magazine
(On those queen stitches)

Two Red Houses
Little House Needleworks
(There is a reason it is called counted cross stitch)

My plan for completing my PhD's:  stitch every day, work on the most completed project first, and fight the urge to start a new project.


  1. It sounds like a very good plan. Let us see your progress!

  2. All your PhDs are so beautiful! I will root you on on your goal. I like that -- PhDs. :D

  3. Excellent plan! I see a couple of these being completed soon..... Then chip away at the others.

  4. That is an impressive line-up of PhDs!!! Good luck with your plan :)

  5. What a lovely group of projects! I hope that you see some finishes soon.

  6. You have a worthy goal before you! I hope you will be able to hold yourself to it! These are lovely pieces and will be most desirable when completed!

  7. Looks like you have some good candidates. I love the "PhD" too.... sounds more positive! Happy stitching....

  8. Cheering you can do it.....if you must purchase
    any at a show, bury them to be dug up when you finish these.
    something to cover you in delightful anticipation. I am with you on the weeding this TN season and thank you for the
    reminder to visit the nursery this time of year for bargains
    Another PHD holder moi