Saturday, October 19, 2019

A Problem and a Solution

One of my huge frustrations in sitting down to stitch only to discover something is missing.  It's either my scissors, a floss, or the chart,  I always seem to be searching for something instead of stitching.  Just when I get everything located, Lucy jumps into my lap, everything goes flying and the search begins anew.  Does anyone else have these problems?

During a recent visit to Hobby Lobby, I found this tray.  It is large enough to hold my chart.  My homemade make-do helps to keep the fibers organized.

I added a magnet which holds the make-do in place in the tray and is a resting place for my scissors.  The ort cup came from The Country Cupboard in Crossville.

The Sew-Lutions magnetic box also came from Hobby Lobby and is the perfect place for needles, needle minders and threaders.  The tray is just deep enough to hold Q-Snaps with project.

When I am finished stitching, the tray sits beside my stitching chair.  It is a solution which is working for me.  With significantly cooler temps, it is finally beginning to feel like fall.  Weekend agenda:  fall baking (pumpkin bread) college and NFL football and stitching, lots of stitching.


  1. I have that kind of problem with my hand stitching projects all the time. Looks like you have created a brilliant solution!

  2. What a perfect weekend! Yes, I often find things missing. My worst is when I drop a needle. All comes to a halt in my family room and DH and I hit the floor looking for it!

  3. I think this is a great solution for keeping all your necessary items together.
    You have inspired me to do the same, yes Blondie The Cat does love to sit on my lap when I am stitching, how can we say no to such love.
    I hope you are having a great weekend.


  4. Ain't that the truth? I just started a project yesterday and spent a good half hour collecting everything (and even then I forgot the needle threader)....I found a plastic box to keep everything in.....but, I'm liking this metal tray idea of yours MUCH better!

  5. What a super solution you came up with, Betty! I need to track down one of those Sew-Lutions boxes. Enjoy your week!

  6. I like your solution for sure! Very nice and so organized! I just keep everything I use all the time on my stitching table by my stitching chair. Not as organized a solution, but it works for me. :D

  7. Love your solution! I will have to look around for something like this.

  8. How nice! I have a basket from one of those gift packages that have cookies, teas, hot chocolate in them, that I keep my smaller scroll bars/qsnaps in. An ort container that holds my readers and scissors. It's just easier to sit down and start stitching when everything is at hand and not spread all over.

  9. enjoyed your catch up post before this one but I have not had time to comment. You have some goodies on your list of 12. I have that plantation sampler too and many others on your list. Your tray looks like a convenient solution to your problem of needing your tools at hand. Yes I am constantly looking for something, wasting lots of time. My DH says if I was "organized" I wouldn't have that problem. HA ! half the fun is in the looking. Take care Mel

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