Sunday, September 3, 2017

Fall Preparations 2017

Blackbird Designs
Loose Leaf Pattern #27
Released in 2007
Autumn Song

The official beginning date for Fall 2017 is Friday, September 22.  For me, fall begins the day after Labor Day.  School started the day after Labor Day and for me that marked the end of summer vacation, the beginning of the school year, and a change in the daily activities.  The school year now starts in early August.  The daylight hours are growing shorter, there is a slight drop in the temperatures and daily routines are changing.  Labor Day, a three day weekend, a change to catch up, and catch my breath.

Pumpkin Blossom by Blackbird Designs
Crow Needle Minder by Kelmscott
Acorn floss keeper by Notforgotten Farm

Pumpkin Row

I saw this design in a magazine and thought it would make a great rug for fall and a way to use up my fall colored wool.  

This is my pansy basket I made a few weeks ago, a good walnut stain improved its looks.  Filled with candy corn and happy smiling pumpkin faces.  Makes me want to smile back.

The quilt on the sofa is changed.  This is a Jo Morton cheater quilter, the fabric is either Spice Market or Cinnamon and Spice--one of my favorite fabric lines.  One day, I let my mind wander and doodled the quilting patterns.

Cheater panel:  fabric made to look like it has been quilted.

Hmm, checking my memory bank these are designs from Plum Street, Notforgotten Farm, Chessie and Me and Carriage House.  

Fall colors are wool appliqué they just go together

Jenny Bean
Shakespeare's Peddler 2009

Yes, I change the samplers.  Love everything about this sampler:  the border, the weeping willow, mouse, fish bones and the saying is found on many samplers.

The beginning of fall and so many fun and wonderful events to look forward to:  quilt shows, corn mazes, warm soups, football.  Life is good.

Colorful sunflowers from thoughtful AppleJack


  1. Oh my what a beautiful post, you inspired me to change my backing on my blog page.
    I hope you are having great weather where you are it is warm today something we have not had for over a week.


  2. I love fall too, my favorite season and all too short. Your decor is so restful and warm, simply beautiful. Time for soups and stews and homemade bread again.

  3. You are all ready for Fall! I love all the pieces you have finished. That rug would be beautiful. I keep Jenny Bean up all year in my craft room. I agree with you, it is a great sampler. I like samplers that go with the season.

  4. My fall decorating doesn't begin until the first day of Autumn, but I'm always ready to enjoy the autumnal decorating of others. Love yours. 😀

  5. What a beautiful inspiring fall post! While I haven't begun mine yet, yours is making want to at least put a few things out. Applejack's sunflower is gorgeous.

  6. I always say how you and I are kindred spirits - For me same as you - fall decorating begins just after Labor Day which is still a patriotic holiday in my mind. No white pants or white shoes after labor day or before Easter in my book. Sadly I can't focus on any fall fun with Irma breathing down our neck. enjoy your fall weather - Mel

  7. What a lovely autumnal post! I enjoyed it very much. :)

  8. Everything looks great and so autumnal! Love it!

  9. Your stunning collection of fall hand work looks amazing displayed for the Fall season! Such a treasure to have so many lovely keepsakes!