Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Market 2017

Stacy Nash
Animal Crackers
Blackberry Velvet
Dames of the Needle Linen

For me the Nashville Needlework Market is Christmas, Birthday and Anniversary all rolled into one big happy weekend.  The conversation goes like this:  
AppleJack:  What would you like for Christmas? 
 Me:  I would like goodies from the needlework market.  
AppleJack:  Does this also apply to your birthday and anniversary?  
Me:  I will make it easy for you.

Those designers they were at their creative best!  So many wonderful designs, fabrics, trims, etc.  How do they do it?  Each year they just get better and better.  It is no secret I am a huge fan of Stacy Nash designs.  When Stacy released the animal crackers,  I immediately added them to my market shopping list.  Being a cat lover, Theodore and Clementine were singing to my cat loving, needle loving heart.  Stacy has more animal crackers in the works:  rabbits, pigs, cows, sheep.  

Louisa Coulimore
Sophia Knighte

Red Samplers!  This was Nicola's (Hands Across the Sea) first needlework market and selfishly I hope this will not be her last.  Have you seen these samplers? and charts?  WOW!  Nicola does extensive research on the sampler maker which she shares on the inside covers of her charts.  Nicola calls herself a stitcher and each chart/graph is designed with the stitcher in mind:  very detailed, special photographs and instructions for special stitches, the legend listed multiple times throughout the chart (no flipping pages searching for the legend).  These samplers/designs are so enjoyable, I put them in a basket beside my stitching chair just so I could read and enjoy them--they are a great resource and reference tool.  If you have not seen these designs--treat yourself to one.  Sophia Knighte is my other red sampler--I did not want Louisa to be lonely and I found the perfect silk fiber for them:  school house red.

Kathy Barrick
Swan Garden
Fiona & Edward

Kathy Barrick is another one of my favorite designers.  When Kathy updated her blog with her market designs, my shopping list grew.  

Blackbird Designs
My Dear Hearts

The Blackbird girls, Barb and Alma never disappoint.  This heart is from their newly released book, My Dear Hearts.  I found this fabric and fiber in my stash and I think it will make a suitable substitute.

Chessie and Me
La D Da

Two more of my favor designers (I have many favorite designers, have you noticed? )  Chessie's houses sing to my primitive heart and Lori's Lovely Letters can be stitched as special gifts.

No market would be complete without linen, trims and ribbon.  They will add a special touch to those finishes.

 Stitch dots from LittleHouse

My apologies for the poor photograph.  These are a new to me gadget and I am very excited about them.  AppleJack and Callie Mae are hoping these beautiful magnets will keep the needles on the linen and out of the chair and out of their hiney.  Ouch!

Before I have to speak the words,  "My name is Betty and I have a problem," I will stop.  It was a great market.  To the designers and shop owners THANK YOU!  Thank you for the hours you spend charting designs, stuffing envelops, packing boxes, standing on your feet, and traveling. Thank you for your tolerance with shopping lists and requests, for packing orders, drives to the post office and driving/flying many miles.  Your hard work is very appreciated!


  1. Someday I plan on going to Nashville Market, you have loads of great finds.
    I hope your needle stay put I have had the same problem, lucky for me I was the one to get stuck and not the animals or Mike.
    I will be looking for updates on your new stash stitching.


  2. Now I am very envious. You have some great treasures!

  3. Your enthusiasm for these designers exudes from this post. You are clearly very pleased with your experience at Market! Looks like you gathered some really good stuff. : )

  4. You found some wonderful new projects. I don't know which one I like the best. I was on Country Samplers website this morning and saw some of the same patterns. You're going to have fun for quite awhile.

  5. Congratulations on all of your new Treasures! It sounds like market was a stitchers paradise. Wonderful show & tell, thanks for sharing.

  6. did you actually attend? I know you're in the area.
    I went to the Charlotte needlework market twice - it was fun but very costly! you got quite the stash haul - lots of fun stuff. I think Swan garden was the only purchase we had in common. I did get two BBD but it was Sewing Bird and the new Loose Feathers. I know what you'll be doing this weekend - ogling stash and maybe taking a few stitches - enjoy mel

  7. What fun! Loved seeing your haul. Market is always that big thing, isn't it?

  8. Oh my I want to eat the photo, this looks so good, thank-you for the recipe.


  9. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !