Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Saturday in March

Last Saturday, March 4 it looked like this.

Fast forward seven days, March 11 and it looks like this

Yesterday, I was smelling the heavenly scent of the Hyacinth.

Today, I'm watching my hosta wearing her snow blanket.

Daylight savings time begins tomorrow.  This bunny is looking forward to longer daylight hours, me too.  Spring begins in eight days, Mother Nature needed to let everyone know she carries a big stick in the gardening world.

 Finished up the first of the Blackbird stockings while watching Foyle's War on Netflex.

Making slow progress on the border for Emma Lerch--one lonely pink flower with many more to be stitched.

Am auditioning recipes for the Gathering, which is March 25.  To date Lemon Loaf is the front runner with Lemon Cookies a close second.  Miss Callie Mae says "Meow" for the kind birthday wishes, she is still stalking the postman for market arrivals.  Hope each of you is enjoying a peaceful productive Saturday in March.


  1. Congratulations on your stocking finish! I hope Mother Nature and her big stick doesn't wreck havoc with the fruit trees.

  2. Love the floral photos, I love Blackbird Designs, they are so primitive looking.
    The stocking is a sweet design, I have several stocking designs but have them in my stash to do pile.
    Miss Callie Mae, is a lucky girl.
    Lovely stitching you have chosen to do.


  3. Spring only arrives when the time is just right. Lovely stitching.

  4. Happy belated birthday to Miss Callie Mae! (I'm behind in blog reading again.) And yes, we are going to get it even worse. Blizzard! 12 to 18 inches! Sigh. Seriously?

  5. we are getting our little "last call of winter" in the form of liquid snow today. I am VERY happy that we will get another little cool snap so I can wear a few more shawls next week before packing all the wools away for the LONG HOT ENDLESS summer in the deep south. Love your stitching start on Emma and the BBD stocking is darling. I'm in the same boat at Callie Mae - waiting for market purchases. Cheers Mel

  6. My daffodils are barely poking out of the ground. : (
    Lovely cross-stitch work. The pink flowers will really bring that border to life!

  7. Your stitching is always so intricate and perfectly done. Crazy weather for sure.

  8. Your blackbird design stocking is a gorgeous finish!
    Emma is off to a stunning start. We've had barely a flake of snow this winter. But are expecting a blizzard tonight. March can be so fickle.

  9. Love all the pictures! The flowers are fabulous!

  10. You found some wonderful new projects. I don't know which one I like the best.


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