Thursday, June 23, 2016

Annie Magnolia (aka Anne Pennsylvania Peacock)

Little by Little, Anne Pennsylvania Peacock
NPI Silks
??? Linen
Gulp!  Sometimes life takes precedence over stitching.  You know those things like a super busy work schedule, family commitments,  removing poison ivy from the garden and marathon netflex watching.  Okay maybe not the netflex viewing.  Annie Magnolia has not been forgotten, she's just been on the back burner. 

Slowly, progress is being made.  The wisteria has bloomed (the name I have given to the purple flower Annie is smelling).  Annie has a house (some color changes from the original) with a luscious green lawn.  The birds have found a home and the naked tree is beginning to leaf. 

All of the big elements of the sampler are in place.  It is now time to add the personalization.  Anne Pennsylvania Peacock will be changed to Annie Magnolia Jackson, I will be adding the name of the community where Annie lived along with Tennessee instead of Pennsylvania and I will be adding Annie's birthdate.  Then onto the border--there may be some more color changes.

To the back of the framed piece I have written information about Annie which has been shared with me by family members.  When Annie is all finished she will be shipped to Arkansas and will live with AppleJack's daughter and granddaughter. 

About Annie's face and head--it is painted and will be mounted to acid free card stock and glued to the completed piece.  At the last stitch-in there was a lively discussion about this.  Seems at one time it was fashionable to paint the faces and heads to needlework.  The Porcupine Collection of samplers uses this technique.  Please share your thoughts:  add the painted paper face, paint the face and head directly onto the linen, or free hand stitch.


  1. Wow, Annie is looking good. I would use the painted paper face since my artistic talents don't go beyond stick people.

  2. You have done lovely work!
    The face painting surprised me. I was not aware of that practice. I would have to dabble on some practice pieces to see what was the most comfortable fit for me, but the idea off painting and attaching intrigues me.

  3. so beautiful ! can't wait to see her finished. love you personalization ideas. Hope your busy time can settle into a lazy summer for stitching, quilting and crafting you love. Mel

  4. I love the name, Annie Magnolia! I don't know what technique to use. I'd have to practice painting. Adding the paper face seems better just because if I painted it directly, I'd be so afraid of a big mess up.

  5. What a great way to personalize a project. I know they will love it! It will be so interesting to see how you add the paper face to the design.

  6. What a great choice for here name love Annie Magnolia, I am one that would do the stitching, but it is your piece, I am sure the painted face would be lovely.
    I look forward to seeing her lovely face.


  7. It looks lovely! Love how you are personalizing it too. It would be so cool if you actually painted the face yourself!! When I stitched it, I just had my framer stick the pic provided to the correct place on the piece.

  8. What a pretty design! I think a painted face would be my first choice. Unfortunately, I can't paint. I will look forward to seeing your choice.