Saturday, May 7, 2016

Blackberry Winter

Cathedral Windows from the Shaker Museum

We are having Blackberry Winter in Tennessee.  Blackberry Winter is a cold snap which happens in the late spring when the blackberries are blooming.

The nighttime temps are quite low and AppleJack sends me searching for an extra quilt to throw on the bed.

There is nothing like sleeping under a quilt

Sometimes when I am matching designs in fabric for the backing I ask myself if it is worth the extra time and effort and then I look at Harry Tyler's lion.

I ask myself the same question when I am making HST's

Tumbler quilts 

Today, another day of Blackberry Winter, I will keep warm by sewing together the many blocks of my North and South quilt.


  1. I'd never heard the phrase blackberry winter. It's going to be summertime today ... I wonder if there's a phrase for when summer comes early for a day or two. Ha!

    Gorgeous quilts!

  2. Lovely quilts...I am very fond of cathedral quilting.

  3. Such lovely quilts! I never know about blackberry Winter. I hope your spring comes back soon.

  4. Blackberry Winter is a new term to me, too.
    I love hat little Jo Morton design in the second photo, and that HST quilt--wow!
    The tumbler flag looks vaguely familiar. : )

  5. Such a treat to see all those beautiful quilts!
    Some of our fruit trees have been effected by late spring frost. Never heard the term Blackberry winter - what a clever expression. Hope it warms up your way soon!

  6. I've never heard of Blackberry Winter; I know we usually have cooler weather when the Lilacs bloom. Although, our whole spring so far has been a little cooler than I would like. Love the variety of quilts!